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A Family Adventure at Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine

Children's Museum and Theatre in Portland Maine
Embark on a family journey to the Children's Museum and theatre of Maine in Portland Maine, where imagination and learning come alive for all ages!

A Family Adventure at Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine

Imagine a place in Portland, Maine where curiosity and joy spark the air as children explore, play, and learn. That’s the Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine for you – an adventure-packed destination with a rich legacy that lights up young minds. This treasure trove is not just any stop on your itinerary; it’s where hands-on exhibits meet family-friendly stage stories to create memories that stick.

Dive into STEM wonders or let creativity soar through art at this hub of experiential learning. With its title as one of Maine’s top visitor attractions and America’s oldest continuously operating children’s theatre, there are worlds within these walls waiting to be discovered by kids and adults alike.

The curtain rises at Maddy’s Theatre for timeless tales while educational workshops transform everyday concepts like kitchen inventions into playgrounds of innovation. Get ready to see sparks fly from young imaginations!

Children's Museum and Theatre in Portland Maine

Discover the Wonders of the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

An overview of the museum and theatre’s offerings, from interactive exhibits to family-friendly performances, highlighting its role as a premier destination for experiential learning and community engagement.

children playing at Children's Museum and Theatre in Portland Maine

Play. Imagine. Discover.

This is not just a museum; it’s an imagination playground for all ages. Here, little explorers dive into hands-on fun at interactive exhibits that merge play with learning—think building blocks meet science lab. Every corner offers visitors interactive experiences designed for family bonding and child development through experiential learning that tickles their fancy across STEM subjects.

Budding scientists get wide-eyed with wonder at our super fun science center while future engineers tinker away in technology-focused areas. And what about those who dream big? They’ll find inspiration under twinkling lights during planetarium shows or feel like tiny captains steering ships on sea star adventures.

You Belong Here. Welcome.

The community resource we’ve built extends beyond exhibit walls—it’s an invitation to join a vibrant theatre ensemble within Maddy’s Theatre, enriching young minds since 1993. A trip here could mean witnessing your child captivated by timeless tales on stage or even taking part themselves—a memory sure to stick better than any sticker sheet from Westbrook College days gone by on Stevens Avenue.

Audience surveys glow with stories of first-time theatregoers falling head over heels for performing arts after watching productions unfold right before them—and you can reserve tickets online easily to be part of this storytelling legacy.

Children's Museum and Theatre in Portland Maine

Engaging Exhibits for Hands-On Learning

Dive into the world of interactive exhibits at Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine that promote hands-on learning across various disciplines including science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

STEM Exploration Through Play

In an era where screen time often wins out over hands-on discovery, Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine offers visitors interactive exhibits that are super fun yet brimming with educational value. Kids can become little engineers in the making as they tinker with kitchen inventions like pasta makers or get chilly thrills experimenting with ice cream makers during engaging workshops.

A visit here isn’t just about observing; it’s about doing. From crafting paper lanterns to navigating labyrinth paths or diving into a snowman sensory bin—every exhibit encourages kids to touch, manipulate and ask questions about how things work because we believe play is serious business when it comes to learning.

Artistic Expression and Creativity

Beyond gears and gadgets lies a colorful spectrum of visual arts opportunities waiting for young minds eager to express themselves creatively. Here children don’t just see art—they create it. The museum staff helps nurture this creativity through guided activities that let imagination take flight within dedicated workshop spaces scattered throughout the venue located on Stevens Avenue—formerly part of Westbrook College campus—a place buzzing with historical inspiration.

Kids can dabble in everything from painting sea stars inspired by Maine’s coastal beauty or building structures from unique materials which they may have never considered before stepping foot inside our space.

Explore upcoming events at Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine, including planetarium shows that catapult curious explorers across galaxies—all without leaving Portland. Every aspect has been carefully crafted so every member of your crew walks away feeling inspired—and perhaps even ready to launch their own traveling circus troupe or theater ensemble after enjoying Maddy’s Theatre productions staged right here since May 1993.

Maddy’s Theatre – A Legacy of Performing Arts

Stepping into Maddy’s Theatre is like walking through a portal to a world where imagination takes center stage. This place isn’t just any children’s theatre; it holds the title as America’s oldest continuously operating children’s theatre, making it an emblem of performing arts history. It has nurtured young talents and presented storytelling programs that leave families enchanted.

As you sit in the audience, expect more than just a show. The performances are rich tapestries woven with life lessons and laughter—a perfect blend for visitors seeking both entertainment and enlightenment. Through every act on this storied stage, kids learn valuable lessons wrapped in fun.

the theatre

Timeless Tales on Stage

The magic here doesn’t fade when the curtain falls; it lingers long after because these tales stick with us—like stickers from your favorite sticker sheet collection, they’re treasures meant to be kept close at heart. Each performance carries forward a legacy stretching back decades yet remains super fun and relevant for today’s youngsters.

If you’re planning your visit or simply want to make sure your spot is secured for upcoming attractions, don’t hesitate to reserve tickets online here. Remember that behind each unforgettable performance at Maddy’s Theatre lies years of dedication—to not only preserving but also evolving what it means to entertain and educate through art.

Educational Programs That Inspire Young Minds

At the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, young minds get to stir up a storm of creativity in drop-off workshop series that are nothing short of culinary and artistic adventures. Picture your little chef donning an apron, whisking away at batter with pasta makers and ice cream makers in hand – this is where self-awareness skills meet kitchen inventions.

The arts workshop spaces aren’t just rooms; they’re incubators for imagination. Kids can dab paint, craft sculptures or even weave stories through shadow play here. These workshops give them the tools not only to express but also understand their emotions better – it’s learning cleverly disguised as fun.

If you’ve got curious tots eager for more discovery, our Science for Tots program turns toddlers into pint-sized scientists ready to explore the wonders around them. And because we believe every child deserves a stage to shine on, Maddy’s Theatre offers everyone from aspiring actors to storytelling enthusiasts a chance to build skills through art, while standing proudly as America’s oldest continuously operating children’s theatre since May 1993.

table for kids to play at

FAQs in Relation to Childrens Museum and Theatre of Maine in Portland Maine

Why did the Portland children’s museum close?

The museum shuttered due to financial struggles, sparked by the 2024 pandemic’s impact.

Does Portland have a children’s museum?

Yes, there’s one – Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine in downtown Portland. Check it out.

Where was the original location of the Portland children’s museum?

The first spot was at Thompson’s Point before moving to its current downtown site.



Picture this: a day at the Childrens Museum and Theatre of Maine in Portland, Maine where discovery meets fun. It’s a place buzzing with interactive learning and creative play.

Kids have touched science through hands-on exhibits, sparking their curiosity. They’ve watched stories unfold on stage, opening doors to new worlds.

Families have bonded over art workshops and kitchen inventions, building skills for life. And remember Maddy’s Theatre? That’s storytelling heritage right there.

This isn’t just another outing; it’s an investment in joyous learning. Take these memories home — they’re souvenirs that enrich far beyond today.

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Mark Beale - Author Bio

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