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About TakeMe2 (TM2) Maine

Your #1 Travel Resource for Planning a Vacation Trip to Maine


TakeMe2 (TM2) Maine was founded in May 2022 by Maine travel and Web marketing experts with backgrounds in traditional advertising, digital marketing, and web design and information technology best practices. TakeMe2 Maine is a start-up, managed by a team of web marketing professionals who share a passion for both digital marketing and helping Maine travel-related businesses achieve online success in the Maine travel and tourism niche. Our primary product is the TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide.

At TakeMe2 Maine, we believe that most online vacation guides fall short on delivering good and relevant content because they are often poorly designed and not well organized to be truly useful for travel or vacation planning. The TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide specifically focuses on regionally-based Maine travel destinations publishing quality information about regional activities, key locations, and things to do and see in the state of Maine.

"TakeMe2 (TM2) Maine is a start-up, managed by a team of web marketing professionals who share a passion for both digital marketing and helping Maine travel-related businesses achieve online success in the Maine travel and tourism niche."

Our approach is to publish a highly informative and user-friendly Maine vacation travel guide for travel consumers interested in planning a trip or vacation to Maine by delivering the most relevant and reliable travel information possible about Maine’s regional travel spots. It is a key point of difference that separates us from the rest of the industry. We concentrate on delivering the most relevant information in a highly visual format about Maine regional travel destinations in an intuitive user-friendly online travel guide.

Our TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide is not merely a collection of generic web links but a highly organized and detailed travel resource. In essence, our Maine vacation guide is a Maine-owned web property operated by Maine people genuinely interested in helping fellow travelers get access to the kind of quality information they need in order to make the right decisions when planning a trip to Maine. Who hasn’t felt a bit lost trying to pick a hotel, motel or inn, with little information and no visuals to help? Or disappointed by the lack of specific information about important points of interest or regional area attractions?

Our TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide provides visitors with a complete informational resource about specific regional travel destinations including area attractions, lodging accommodations, restaurants, shopping experiences and area excursions and other points of interest. Simply put, our TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide offers travelers an easier way to access pertinent Maine travel and vacation information before they go.

Why Advertise on TakeMe2 Maine?

The TakeMe2 (TM2) Maine Vacation Guide is the place to be for Maine travel business advertising. As an online advertising resource, TakeMe2 Maine provides engaging and timely travel information that connects visitors with Maine travel-related businesses like yours. We provide more exposure for your business, providing a cost-effective way to market your services to interested travel consumers.

The TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide is highly optimized for regionally-based, travel-related keywords and keyword phrases specific to our page content in order to enhance our visibility in search engines. The goal is to capture quality traffic through genuinely authored content that is both useful and relevant to vacation planners searching for Maine-specific travel information.

In this way, the TM2 Maine Vacation Guide ranks well in search results thus giving Maine Travel-related businesses the highest level of exposure to travel consumers. We utilize state of the art tracking systems to regularly measure the effectiveness of our online exposure. Every member of our team has the ultimate goal of making the TM2 Maine website the best travel resource for both visitors and advertisers.

“The TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide is a unique, powerful and effective way to reach potential guests and travel consumers before they visit Maine and your local area ”

Some of the key benefits of the TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide include:

  • Offers travelers a more complete picture of local area information when planning a trip.
  • Organizes information in new and highly intuitive ways that simply work better.
  • Helps visitors find what they really need to book travel and make reservations.
  • Uses video to promote area attractions and local businesses.
  • Provides more exposure for Maine travel businesses through user-friendly website design.

By advertising on our TakeMe2 Maine Vacation Guide, you get a powerful and effective way to reach potential guests and travel consumers before they visit Maine and your local area. Our highly visual ad formats engage visitors, giving them more compelling reasons why they should choose your business or service as part of their Maine vacation stay or trip.

TakeMe2 Maine will showcase your business to Maine travel consumers in a unique, easy to use, and interactive way that is clearly more informative than any banner, button, print or broadcast ad. That’s because TakeMe2 Maine presents your business within a thoroughly Maine-centric format that is not perceived as overtly commercial by prospective visitors. Not only does your advertisement build brand awareness, it gives you enhanced listing opportunities that complement your web presence in ways unequaled by any other advertising medium or marketing organization currently serving the Maine travel or tourism market niche.

TakeMe2 Maine provides travel decision-makers with the kind of in-depth area and hospitality related information they seek, but seldom find online. TakeMe2 Maine is  your travel marketing partner. Placing an ad on our site increases your business exposure to travel consumers looking for Maine travel information – thus sending more highly qualified traffic to your website, and increasing your potential for greater sales and exposure.

TakeMe2 Maine Advertising Solutions

TakeMe2 Maine understands small business concerns and the Maine tourism industry and has developed incredibly cost-efficient methods for delivering  travel consumer leads and bookings to improve reservations, boost your special offers, promote your business services, enhance your business brand, and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Our user-friendly website empowers travel consumers by giving them a superior resource to search an extensive amount of valuable information about Maine travel and vacation planning, and we position our Marquee Ads, Featured Ads, and Directory Listings where they get the most attention.

Accordingly, advertising solutions on TakeMe2 Maine are not cookie-cutter ad placements, but a well-designed blend of professional ad designs and strategic thinking backed by analytically-driven marketing, allowing you to connect with highly active Maine travel consumers on a very targeted level in order to drive exposure and results for your travel-related business.

Download our 2024 Website Advertising Rate Sheet below for advertising formats and pricing information.

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