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Explore Scenic Bar Harbor Maine

Where the Mountains Meet The Sea

Atlantic Oceanside Hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine

Atlantic Oceanside Hotel

Bar Harbor, ME

Atlantic Seaside Hotel & Conference Center is a beautiful oceanfront hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine. It offers stunning views of Frenchman Bay, a private beach, an indoor and outdoor pool, and a variety of amenities for guests to enjoy. The hotel is also close to Acadia National Park and the downtown area,

119 Eden Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Hampton Inn Bar Harbor in Bar Harbor, Maine

Hampton Inn

Bar Harbor, ME

Hampton Inn Bar Harbor is a modern hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine, offering comfortable guest rooms with ocean and mountain views, free WiFi, and a daily hot breakfast. The hotel is close to Acadia National Park and the downtown area, making it a great place to stay for a vacation in Maine.

12 Norman Road
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Bluenose Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine

Bluenose Inn

Bar Harbor, ME

The Bluenose Inn Hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine is a charming hotel offering classically appointed rooms with stunning views of Frenchman Bay. The hotel also has a restaurant, a spa, and an indoor and outdoor pool, making it an ideal place to stay for a leisurely vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine.

90 Eden Street
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Discover Bar Harbor Maine

Getting to Know Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine, situated on Mount Desert Island, is renowned for its stunning coastal beauty, charming small-town ambiance, and proximity to Acadia National Park. As a gateway to Acadia, Bar Harbor offers a blend of outdoor adventure and leisurely relaxation, making it a top tourist destination in Maine.

Visitors can explore miles of trails within Acadia National Park, including the famed Cadillac Mountain, the first point in the U.S. to catch the sunrise. From hiking, biking, and kayaking in the summer to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, there are activities to suit all interests and abilities.

Question: What is the best time of year to visit Bar Harbor, Maine?

Answer: The best time to visit Bar Harbor is during the summer (June through mid September). This is peak season and the weather is warm and pleasant. If you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and boating, this is the ideal time to go. However, keep in mind that it can be crowded, and prices will be higher.

Downtown Bar Harbor Maine

Downtown Bar Harbor is filled with boutique shops, art galleries, and seafood restaurants, offering fresh lobster and other local delicacies. Whale watching, scenic boat tours, and the exploration of nearby islands provide unique experiences that celebrate Maine’s maritime heritage.

Bar Harbor is also a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons. The town has a number of beautiful venues for weddings, and the surrounding scenery is simply stunning.

Bar Harbor is a great place to visit for a vacation in Maine. It has something to offer everyone, from outdoor enthusiasts to history lovers to foodies. The blend of natural grandeur and cultural charm in Bar Harbor caters to a wide range of tastes, whether you’re seeking adventure or a peaceful escape. Its appeal lies in its unique combination of accessibility to the natural outdoors and the intimate comforts of coastal town life.

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A Little Bit of History about Bar Harbor, ME

Bar Harbor, Maine, nestled on the shores of Mount Desert Island, was incorporated in 1796 and initially named Eden. The town was renamed Bar Harbor in 1918.

Its early economy thrived on shipbuilding, lumbering, and fishing, which played crucial roles in the town’s development. The area’s striking natural beauty started attracting artists and writers in the 19th century, eventually leading to the influx of well-known figures, politicians, and wealthy elite who built opulent summer cottages.

In 1916, Sieur de Monts National Monument was established on Mount Desert Island by President Woodrow Wilson. It later became Lafayette National Park in 1919 through an act of Congress, and the name was changed again to Acadia National Park in 1929. The establishment of Acadia National Park in 1929 cemented Bar Harbor’s reputation as a must-visit destination. Acadia National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the United States and is a major draw for tourists to Bar Harbor.

View from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park

Tragically, a massive fire in 1947 in Bar Harbor destroyed many historic buildings, reshaping the town’s landscape. The community, however, resiliently rebuilt and continued to grow as a tourist hub.

Today, Bar Harbor is renowned for its breathtaking coastal scenery, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant cultural scene. The town has a variety of hotels, restaurants, shops, and art galleries. From hiking trails to whale-watching excursions to local sightseeing, it offers a a wide range of tourist activities. Its blend of natural beauty and rich maritime history makes Bar Harbor a thriving tourist destination, appealing to visitors from around the world.

How Bar Harbor Got Its Name

Bar Harbor got its name from a sandbar that connects Bar Island to the mainland at low tide.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how Bar Harbor got its name. In the early 1800s, a sandbar was created at the mouth of Frenchman Bay. The sandbar was visible at low tide, and it formed a natural barrier between the bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

This sandbar allowed boats to anchor safely in the bay, even during storms. As a result, the area became a popular destination for fishermen and sailors.

In 1796, the town of Eden was incorporated. The town was originally called "Eden" because it was seen as a paradise. However, the name "Bar Harbor" was also used to refer to the town, because of the sandbar at the mouth of the bay.

In 1918, the town of Eden was renamed Bar Harbor. The name change was made to reflect the town's growing importance as a tourist destination.

History Fact

7 Interesting Facts About Bar Harbor, Maine

  1. Vice President Nelson Rockefeller was born in Bar Harbor on July 8, 1908.

  2. Bar Harbor is home to Acadia National Park, the oldest park east of the Mississippi.

  3. Cadillac Mountain is located within Acadia National Park and is the highest point on the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

  4. Bar Harbor receives over 3.3 million visitors each year.

  5. Some famous people who have lived in Bar Harbor include Nelson Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller Jr., and Cornelius Vanderbilt.

  6. Bar Harbor is the largest town on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

  7. The area was originally inhabited by the Wabanaki people. “Mount Desert” was named by French explorer Samuel Champlain in 1604, but the indigenous people had lived there for at least 5,000 years.

Top Things To Do in Bar Harbor, Maine

Nestled on the rugged shores of Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor, Maine is a picturesque haven for travelers seeking both adventure and tranquility. Known as the gateway to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor offers a diverse array of attractions ranging from exploring the natural beauty of coastal trails to indulging in freshly caught seafood. Rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, Bar Harbor attracts visitors looking to experience a quintessential New England coastal town.

Below, we list a curated sample of the some of the top tourist attractions and activities in Bar Harbor, ensuring an unforgettable experience for those exploring the area.

Panorama of the Cadillac Mountain Overlook in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, beautiful expansive vista over glacial rocks at sunrise.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, situated near Bar Harbor, Maine, is the gem of the U.S. National Park System. Established in 1916, it was the first national park east of the Mississippi River. Encompassing over 49,000 acres, Acadia boasts a diverse landscape that includes granite peaks, dense forests, serene ponds, and rugged coastline.

The park’s famous Cadillac Mountain offers some of the first views of sunrise in the continental U.S. Visitors can explore over 120 miles of hiking trails, 45 miles of carriage roads, and numerous opportunities for biking, bird-watching, and exploring tidal pools.

Acadia National Park’s unique blend of natural beauty and recreational options make it a must-see destination.

Popular Bar Harbor Maine Tours & Attractions

Mary Todd Schooner, Bar Harbor, Maine
2-Hour Sailing Trip on Frenchman Bay

Cruise through the scenic waters of Frenchman Bay during a leisurely sailing trip. Admire views of Acadia National Park in Maine during this sightseeing boat tour…
More >>

2 Hours
Free Cancelllation (24hr Notice)



Acadia & Bar Harbor Bus Tours
Bus Tour of Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park

Take a deep dive into Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Cadillac Mountain, and Mt. Desert Island on this 2-and-half hour sightseeing and guide narrated bus tour….
More >>

2 Hours 30 Minutes
Free Cancelllation (24hr Notice)



Views from Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park
Premuim Bus Tour of Bar Harbor & Acadia

This fully narrated half-day driving tour makes for an easy way to discover the landmarks associated with Bar Harbor, Mt Desert Island, and Acadia National Park…
More >>

4 Hours
Free Cancelllation (24hr Notice)



Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park

Cadillac Mountain, standing at 1,530 feet in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine, is the tallest peak on the U.S. Atlantic coast. Named after French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, its summit is famed for being one of the first places in the continental U.S. to witness the sunrise.

Offering sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding ocean, islands, and forests, it’s accessible by a winding road or several hiking trails. Throughout history, Cadillac Mountain has been a beacon for nature lovers and a symbol of the rugged beauty of Maine’s coast.

A visit here promises breathtaking scenery and an unforgettable connection to the natural world.

Carriage Path in Acadia National Park

Carriage Paths & Rides

The carriage roads in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine, are a unique network of 45 miles of scenic pathways.

Financed and designed by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr. between 1913 and 1940, these broken-stone roads were intended to allow visitors to experience the park without the intrusion of automobiles.

Winding through lush forests, around tranquil ponds, and over charming granite bridges, the carriage roads offer an opportunity for biking, walking, and traditional horse-drawn carriage rides. Tourists can engage in guided carriage tours to explore the stunning landscapes while learning about the rich history of the paths.

The carriage roads represent an essential preservation of Acadia’s heritage, offering an elegant and timeless way to experience the park’s beauty.

Shore Path along the ccean shoreline in Bar Harbor, Maine

The Shore Path

The Shore Path in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a beloved walking trail that stretches along the town’s picturesque coastline.

Established in 1880, this gentle path offers a tranquil, scenic route that spans about half a mile from the town pier to Wayman Lane.

Lined with lush greenery, wildflowers, and classic New England homes, the Shore Path offers breathtaking views of the harbor, the Porcupine Islands, and the distant mountains of Acadia National Park.

Along the way, walkers can enjoy the salty sea breeze, observe local birds, and explore unique tidal pools.

The Shore Path’s blend of natural beauty and historical charm makes it a must-visit attraction for both locals and tourists seeking a leisurely coastal experience.

Humpback whale breaching surface near Bar Harbor, Maine

Whale Watching Tours

Whale watching tours in Bar Harbor, Maine, provide an extraordinary opportunity to witness these majestic sea giants in their natural habitat.

From late spring to early fall, various tour operators offer excursions into the rich feeding grounds off the coast of Maine, where humpback, finback, and minke whales are commonly sighted.

Along with whales, tourists may spot seals, porpoises, and a variety of seabirds. Guided by knowledgeable naturalists, these tours combine education and adventure, making them suitable for all ages.

A whale watching tour in Bar Harbor is not just a sightseeing activity but a mesmerizing experience that connects visitors to the wonders of the sea.

Downtown, Bar Harbor, Maine

Downtown Bar Harbor Maine

Downtown Bar Harbor, Maine, is a vibrant area that encapsulates the charm and history of this coastal Maine community.

With a past rooted in the Gilded Age, when it was a favored summer retreat for the elite, the downtown area reflects a blend of historical architecture and modern amenities.

Visitors can stroll along the bustling streets lined with unique shops, art galleries, museums, and a wide variety of restaurants, many serving the region’s famed lobster. The Village Green, the heart of downtown, hosts various community events and offers a picturesque spot to relax.

Whether exploring maritime history, savoring local cuisine, or enjoying waterfront views, downtown Bar Harbor offers an engaging experience for every tourist.

Schooner docked in Bar Harbor, Maine

Sailing & Boat Tours

Sailing day trips and harbor boat tours from Bar Harbor, Maine, offer visitors an unmatched perspective of the rugged coastline, picturesque islands, and serene bays that define this maritime region.

Various operators provide an array of options, from leisurely sightseeing tours to hands-on sailing experiences. Guests can explore lighthouses, observe seals, eagles, and other marine wildlife, or simply enjoy the mesmerizing views from the water.

Some sailing and boat tours even offer lobstering demonstrations and sunset cruises, adding a local touch to the journey. With experienced captains and knowledgeable guides, these sailing adventures and boat tours cater to both seasoned sailors and novices.

A day on the water in Bar Harbor is sure to be a highlight of any visit, providing memories that will last a lifetime.

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, is a stunning 290-yard stretch of shoreline nestled between mountains and rocky shores.

Known for its unusually cold waters and pink-hued sand, composed of crushed shells and rocks, it’s a popular destination for sunbathing, beachcombing, and picnicking.

The beach’s history is intertwined with the rich geology and natural beauty of Mount Desert Island. Accessible via the Park Loop Road, tourists visiting Sand Beach can also explore the nearby Great Head Trail for hiking and take in breathtaking coastal views.

Though swimming is a brisk experience, Sand Beach’s unique charm makes it a must-visit location within Acadia National Park.

Beehive hiking trail in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine

Hiking Trails in Acadia National Park

Hiking in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine, provides a diverse and thrilling experience for adventurers of all levels.

Boasting over 120 miles of trails, the park offers everything from leisurely strolls along coastal paths to challenging climbs up rugged peaks.

Established trails date back to the early 1900s, many created by local village improvement societies. Iconic hikes like the Precipice Trail and Jordan Pond Path offer breathtaking views and a connection to the park’s rich history.

Whether exploring Cadillac Mountain, discovering hidden waterfalls, or wandering through dense forests, hikers in Acadia are met with unparalleled natural beauty. Guided hikes are also available, adding educational insights to the spectacular scenery, making hiking in Acadia an unforgettable experience.

Land Bridge to Bar Island

The Land Bridge to Bar Island in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a remarkable natural phenomenon that offers visitors a unique coastal experience.

This land bridge becomes accessible during low tide, revealing a pathway of gravel and shells that connects the mainland to Bar Island.

For about 1.5 hours on either side of low tide, visitors can walk or drive across this fleeting land bridge, exploring the small island’s trails and enjoying panoramic views of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. The history of this natural connection has intrigued locals and tourists alike for generations.

Timing is essential, as the returning tide submerges the path, making the land bridge to Bar Island a truly unique and magical experience.

Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole is one of Acadia National Park’s most captivating natural features, located along the Park Loop Road near Bar Harbor, Maine.

This small inlet, naturally carved out of rocks, creates a thunderous boom and spectacular splash when waves rush into the cavern.

At high tide, especially after a storm, this phenomenon is at its most dramatic, offering a thrilling spectacle for visitors. Named for its powerful sound, Thunder Hole provides a unique opportunity to experience the force and beauty of nature.

With observation platforms and surrounding trails, tourists can safely enjoy this phenomenon, making Thunder Hole a must-visit destination within Acadia for those seeking to witness the awe-inspiring power of the Atlantic Ocean.

Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine

Jordan Pond

Jordan Pond, nestled in Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine, is renowned for its clear, mirror-like waters and stunning views of the Penobscot Mountain and the Bubbles. This glacier-formed pond has a fascinating geological history and is a focal point of natural beauty within the park.

A well-maintained 3.3-mile trail encircles the pond, offering an enjoyable hike with various scenic viewpoints. The nearby Jordan Pond House, famous since the late 1800s, continues to delight visitors with its traditional tea and popovers on the lawn overlooking the pond.

Whether indulging in a culinary treat, hiking, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the water, Jordan Pond provides a timeless and picturesque experience for all visitors.

Sea kayaking in Bar Harbor, Maine

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking in Bar Harbor, Maine, presents an extraordinary way to explore the rugged coastline, tranquil harbors, and offshore islands of this stunning region.

Guided tours, suitable for beginners to experienced paddlers, provide an intimate connection to the marine environment, with opportunities to spot seals, porpoises, eagles, and other wildlife.

Tourists can choose from a variety of trips, ranging from a few hours to multi-day adventures, each offering a unique perspective of the area’s natural beauty. Kayaking along the dramatic cliffs, gliding through serene bays, or exploring remote islands adds an adventurous dimension to a visit to Bar Harbor.

Sea kayaking is a must-do experience, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the maritime charm of coastal Maine.

Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor Maine

Abbe Museum

The Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a vital cultural institution dedicated to celebrating the heritage and culture of the Wabanaki Nations.

Founded in 1926, the museum plays a significant role in sharing the history, art, and archaeology of Maine’s Native American communities. With a mission to inspire new learning about the Wabanaki Nations, the Abbe Museum showcases both historical artifacts and contemporary Native art.

Tourists can explore permanent and temporary exhibits, engaging programs, and hands-on activities that provide an insightful and respectful understanding of the region’s indigenous people.

A visit to the Abbe Museum offers a unique opportunity to connect with the deeper native cultural history of Maine, making it a compelling destination for all ages.

Bar Harbor Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours

Ghost tours in Bar Harbor, Maine, offer a thrilling and unique way to explore the town’s mysterious past. Guided by local storytellers, these nighttime tours take visitors through historic streets and landmarks, unraveling tales of maritime tragedies, haunted hotels, and ghostly sightings.

Rooted in both folklore and documented accounts, the ghost tours weave together history, legend, and a touch of the supernatural.

The experience is often illuminated by lanterns, adding to the atmospheric charm. Visitors intrigued by the paranormal or simply interested in the area’s lesser-known history will find these tours an enticing adventure.

Ghost tours in Bar Harbor provide a captivating and chilling alternative way to explore the rich tapestry of this coastal town.


Tourist Towns Near Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor is a popular tourist destination in Maine, but there are also many other great towns nearby that are worth visiting.

Here are four towns near Bar Harbor that are perfect for tourists:

Seal Harbor, Maine

Seal Harbor, Maine

Just 8 miles south of Bar Harbor is Seal Harbor, a quaint gem on Mount Desert Island that offers visitors a peaceful retreat from the usual tourist hustle. Boasting pristine sandy beaches, it’s an ideal spot for leisurely strolls and picnics with views of the Atlantic’s shimmering expanse. The town’s proximity to Acadia National Park provides ample opportunities for hiking and nature excursions. Seal Harbor’s peaceful ambiance, punctuated by elegant summer homes and lush landscapes, makes it a favored destination for those seeking a more intimate encounter with coastal Maine’s natural beauty and charm.

Northeast Harbor, Maine

Northeast Harbor, Maine

Northeast Harbor, tucked away on Mount Desert Island, exudes an air of refined tranquility. Famous for its stunning Asticou Azalea Garden and the Thuya Garden, the town is a haven for botany enthusiasts and those seeking serene landscapes. Its sheltered marina is a bustling hub for sailors and yachters, offering picturesque views of the harbor dotted with larger power yachts. With exclusive summer residences and boutique shops, Northeast Harbor provides a unique blend of upscale charm and untouched nature, making it a must-visit for travelers looking to experience the more sophisticated side of coastal Maine.

Southwest Harbor, Maine

Southwest Harbor, Maine

Southwest Harbor, located toward the bottom side of Mount Desert Island, offers a delightful respite from the tourist-heavy areas of coastal Maine. Famed for its authentic maritime vibe, the town thrives with boat-building workshops and bustling marinas. Its streets are dotted with quaint shops, artisanal boutiques, and cozy restaurants serving fresh seafood. The gateway to several of Acadia National Park’s less-traveled trails, Southwest Harbor is a dream for hikers seeking solitude in nature. Embodying a blend of rustic charm and quiet elegance, it beckons travelers desiring a genuine taste of Maine’s seafaring heritage.

Bass Harbor, Maine

Bass Harbor, Maine

Bass Harbor, a picturesque hamlet on Mount Desert Island, is renowned for its iconic Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. This historic beacon, perched atop rugged cliffs, offers visitors a mesmerizing view of the Atlantic’s vast expanse, especially during sunsets. The town, with its authentic fishing village ambiance, provides a genuine glimpse into Maine’s maritime traditions. Quaint seafood eateries serve up the day’s fresh catch, and the nearby trails of Acadia National Park beckon hikers and nature enthusiasts. Bass Harbor stands as a testament to coastal Maine’s enduring charm, drawing visitors with its blend of history and natural beauty.


Top Bar Harbor Maine Area Hotels

If you’re looking for lodging in the Bar Harbor Maine region, you’ll find a variety of hotels, resorts, and inns to choose from. Here, we list several popular hotels and inns in or around the Bar Harbor Maine area that are highly rated by guests. So, whether you’re looking for a luxurious stay or a more budget-friendly option, you’re sure to find accommodations to suit your needs and budget in the Bar Harbor area. 

Holiday Inn Regency, Bar Harbor, Maine

Holiday Inn Regency, Bar Harbor, ME

The Holiday Inn Regency in Bar Harbor, Maine, stands as an oasis of comfort amidst the region’s natural beauty. Situated conveniently close to Acadia National Park, this establishment offers guests unparalleled access to picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities. With its spacious rooms, modern amenities, and attentive staff, the hotel ensures a relaxing stay. Guests can indulge in its top-notch restaurant, rejuvenating pool, and fitness facilities. Overlooking serene coastal views, the Holiday Inn provides an ideal blend of convenience and luxury, making it a preferred choice for tourists seeking the quintessential Bar Harbor experience.

Bluenose Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine

Bluenose Inn, Bar Harbor, ME

The Bluenose Inn, nestled in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a beacon of elegance amidst the town’s coastal allure. Overlooking the Atlantic’s sparkling waters, the inn boasts panoramic views, allowing guests to soak in Bar Harbor’s scenic beauty. Its rooms exude a blend of classic charm and modern luxury, ensuring a tranquil retreat. Tourists are drawn to its top-tier amenities, including a sophisticated piano lounge, an indoor pool, and a world-class spa. Located a stone’s throw from Acadia National Park, the Bluenose Inn stands as an embodiment of Maine’s serene elegance, offering an unmatched experience for its visitors.

Hampton Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine

Hampton Inn, Bar Harbor, ME

The Hampton Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a captivating blend of comfort and convenience for travelers. Perched near the edges of Acadia National Park, it provides guests with easy access to the area’s amazing natural attractions. Each room is designed for relaxation, boasting modern amenities and cozy ambiance. Visitors can start their day with a complimentary breakfast, ensuring they’re energized for their Maine adventures. With amenities like a refreshing outdoor pool and a state-of-the-art fitness center, the Hampton Inn guarantees a revitalizing stay. Its prime location and dedicated service make it a top choice for tourists exploring Bar Harbor.

Other Popular Bar Harbor Maine Hotels & Inns

Bar Harbor Manor, Bar Harbor, Maine
Bar Harbor Manor

Bar Harbor, Maine


Bar Harbor Manor offers guests timeless elegance. Nestled in a historic setting, it boasts proximity to Acadia, cozy rooms, and exceptional service, making it a tourist’s ideal retreat.

Chiltern Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine
Chiltern Inn

Bar Harbor, Maine


Chiltern Inn exudes intimate charm. Set in a beautifully restored mansion, it offers luxurious rooms, tranquil gardens, and personalized service, making it a guest’s serene haven amidst coastal beauty.

Best Western Acadia hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine
Best Western Acadia

Bar Harbor, Maine


Best Western Acadia Inn provides guests with modern comforts near Acadia’s splendors. Featuring spacious rooms, amenities galore, and friendly service, it’s a favored gateway to the region’s attractions.


Top Bar Harbor Maine Area Restaurants

Bar Harbor, Maine, is more than just a gateway to the rugged beauty of Acadia National Park; it’s also a culinary haven that tempts the palate of every visitor. Nestled amidst the backdrop of pristine coastlines and pine-clad forests, this charming town boasts a diverse array of dining establishments, each offering its unique flavor and ambiance. Whether you crave the freshest seafood plucked from the Atlantic or a contemporary twist on classic American fare, Bar Harbor’s restaurants promise an unforgettable dining experience. Here, we provide a quick overview of some of the top restaurants in the Bar Harbor area, ensuring that your dining experience is as memorable as the sights you’ll see.

The Terrace Grille at Bar Harbor Inn, Bar Harbor, Maine

The Terrace Grille, Bar Harbor, Maine

The Terrace Grille in Bar Harbor, Maine, is a culinary gem where the ocean’s bounty meets gourmet finesse. Set against an idyllic coastal backdrop, diners are treated to an array of mouthwatering dishes, with the lobster risotto and seared scallops being crowd favorites. Fresh, locally-sourced ingredients take center stage, ensuring each bite is a testament to Maine’s rich maritime heritage.

Paired with an impeccable wine list and breathtaking views, The Terrace Grille promises not just a meal, but a memorable dining experience for tourists seeking the authentic flavors of Bar Harbor.

Reading Room Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine

Reading Room Restaurant, Bar Harbor, Maine

The Reading Room restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine, epitomizes fine dining with a view. Situated with an unobstructed panorama of the Atlantic, this establishment tantalizes the senses. Their signature dishes, like the succulent Bar Harbor lobster thermidor and the delicately seasoned Atlantic salmon, showcase the region’s seafood prowess. Each plate is masterfully crafted, combining fresh, local ingredients with culinary artistry.

For tourists seeking an exquisite dining experience that captures the essence of coastal Maine, the Reading Room promises a gastronomic journey as captivating as its vistas.

Cafe This Way, Bar Harbor, Maine

Cafe This Way, Bar Harbor, Maine

Cafe This Way in Bar Harbor, Maine, offers an inviting blend of cozy ambiance and innovative cuisine. Tucked away in a charming lane, this restaurant is a haven for food enthusiasts. Signature dishes, such as the renowned crab cake benedict and the unique blueberry-chili glazed salmon, provide a delightful fusion of traditional Maine flavors with a contemporary twist.

With its eclectic menu and artsy interior, Cafe This Way beckons tourists seeking a relaxed yet memorable dining experience, making it a must-visit spot in the heart of Bar Harbor.

Other Popular Bar Harbor Maine Restaurants

Galyn's Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine


Galyn’s Restaurant is a culinary landmark. Offering fresh, local seafood and classic New England dishes, its charming ambiance and stellar views make it a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

The Stadium Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine
The Stadium

Bar Harbor, Maine


The Stadium Restaurant serves up hearty American fare in a lively, sports-themed setting. A favorite for both locals and tourists, it promises good food, fun vibes, and memorable moments.

Mainely Meat Barbeque Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine
Mainely Meat Barbeque

Bar Harbor, Maine


Mainely Meat Barbeque tantalizes with authentic smoked flavors. Celebrated for its succulent ribs and brisket, this spot is a must for barbecue enthusiasts seeking Maine’s hearty side.


Visit Bar Harbor Maine and Experience More

Bar Harbor, located in the Downeast region of Maine, offers an enchanting blend of natural beauty and quintessential New England charm. From the breathtaking vistas of Acadia National Park to the serene boat rides on its shimmering bay, there’s something for everyone. Stroll through historic downtown streets, savor fresh lobster, and embrace the region’s rich maritime heritage. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Bar Harbor promises an unforgettable vacation experience that beckons visitors to return time and again. Don’t miss this coastal gem on your next getaway to Maine.

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Bar Harbor ME Quick Facts


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