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Best Places to Visit in Maine with Family: Fun Guide

view of Acadia National Park
Embark on a memorable journey exploring the best places to visit in Maine with family, from Acadia's trails to lakeside fun and historical parks.

Best Places to Visit in Maine with Family: Fun Guide

Imagine the salty sea breeze on your face as you stand atop a rugged cliff, watching your kids’ eyes widen at the sight of an eagle soaring over Acadia National Park. Maine isn’t just a state; it’s a playground for families seeking both adventure and tranquility.

From paddling across the serene expanse of Moosehead Lake to stepping into history at Fort Knox State Park, every corner turned is a new chapter in your family’s storybook. And when was the last time you saw pure wonder in your child’s eyes? Picture that moment aboard Schooner Appledore II with sails billowing above.

This isn’t just another trip. It’s where lifelong memories are etched against backdrops of majestic mountains and timeless trains chugging through Boothbay Railway Village Museum—ready for those eager to discover them.

view of Acadia National Park

Exploring Acadia National Park with Kids

Acadia National Park is a gem on the coast of Maine that offers families an array of adventures. Imagine scaling the granite peaks and being rewarded with sweeping views that stretch out to where the sky kisses the ocean. It’s like stepping into a nature-made kingdom where kiddos rule as little explorers.

The Thrill at Thunder Hole

Kids love surprises, and Thunder Hole doesn’t disappoint. When the waves crash just right, it sounds like distant thunder rumbling through a clear sky – except it’s all happening right under your feet. This natural phenomenon turns tides into tunes, making for an unforgettable symphony by Mother Nature herself.

Bear in mind though; timing is everything here because you’ll want to catch this acoustic show when the tide rolls in. Check local tide charts or visit park rangers’ advice online before you go so you don’t miss out on nature’s roar.

Sailing Through Skyline Views

If hiking up Cadillac Mountain seems daunting with toddlers in tow, driving up can be equally thrilling. Reach unprecedented elevations without any exertion – have it all with no effort. Once atop, lay down a blanket for some cloud-watching or gaze across Bar Harbor – eyes wide open are mandatory here for those 360-degree postcard-perfect snapshots.

Educational Trails Await

Lacing up boots leads to learning moments on family-friendly trails such as Jordan Pond Path or Ocean Path. These walks are short enough not to tire tiny legs but packed full of teachable moments about glacial formations and coastal ecosystems—nature’s classroom awaits.

Jordan Pond House nearby serves popovers so big they could double as edible boats sailing straight into hungry bellies after trailblazing exploits—a tasty tradition since forever ago.

Nighttime Wonders Under Stars

As dusk settles over Acadia, swap daylight discoveries for starry-eyed wonderment during ranger-led night programs. They reveal constellations spinning stories above us—if bedtime allows. For aspiring astronomers—or kids who simply wish upon stars—it’s magic unfolding overhead every clear evening.

To find out more about these nightly marvels check the schedule of events offered by park rangers, because what beats ending an adventure-packed day than cozying up beneath celestial performances?

stars in Acadia National Park

Nautical Adventures on Moosehead Lake

Maine’s vast and stunning wilderness offers an aquatic gem that beckons families to its shores. Imagine the wind in your hair as you embark on a journey across Maine’s largest lake, Moosehead Lake, aboard the storied Steamboat Katahdin. The essence of adventure comes alive with tales of lumberjacks and lore amidst pristine waters.

Setting Sail on Historical Waters

The grandeur of Steamboat Katahdin is not just in her build but also her history, spanning over a century since 1914. As you glide over the crystal-clear water, each wave tells stories from bygone days when steamboats were essential for transport and logging industries—a true nautical nod to Maine’s rich heritage.

Kids can almost hear the chug-chug-chugging of yesteryear while parents revel in the serene landscapes unfurling around them. This isn’t merely a boat ride; it’s time travel made tangible beneath your feet—history lesson included.

A Panoramic Playground Awaits

Casting off from Greenville, you’ll be surrounded by sights that demand to be seen—and photographed. But here’s something cool: as much fun as snapping pics is, sometimes putting down your camera lets you soak up those moments even more deeply. With vistas like these? Good luck convincing yourself to look away long enough to check if anyone liked your latest Instagram post.

Moose sightings are common near shorelines where they come for their own version of lunchtime—an added bonus for nature enthusiasts. And let’s not forget about loons calling out across waves or eagles soaring overhead because Mother Nature doesn’t skimp on special effects around here.

All Ages Welcome Aboard

What makes this excursion perfect for families? It’s how kid-friendly it all is. Children get hands-on learning experiences through engaging narratives shared by seasoned guides who know every ripple and rock story worth telling. Meanwhile, adults find relaxation unmatched anywhere else—on deck with refreshing breezes or inside cozy cabins reflecting past elegance.

This experience proves there’s no need for screens when exploring Moosehead Lake—the views do more than any app ever could capture. From little explorers eager at first sight of land ho., grandparents soaking up serenity at sea; everyone finds something magical here amid gentle waves lapping against hulls built strong like Mainers themselves.

Steamboat katahdin at sunset

Historical Exploration at Fort Knox State Park

If walls could talk, the ones at Fort Knox State Park would tell tales of Maine’s storied past. Strolling around this 19th-century stronghold, it’s not hard to envision troopers keeping an eye out over the Penobscot River. But don’t just take my word for it—seeing is believing when you’re standing atop one of America’s best-preserved coastal fortifications.

Breathtaking views? Check. The adjacent Penobscot Narrows Observatory, with its towering view above the treeline, offers a vantage point like no other. It stands as one of the tallest public bridge observatories in the world and lets you gaze upon landscapes that have stood unchanged since long before our time.

The park isn’t just about looking back; it’s also a place where history meets adventure. Whether it’s your first visit or your fiftieth, each cannon-lined corridor and mossy stone passageway invites exploration—a real-life maze begging to be navigated by curious minds young and old.

A Peek into Military History

Maine has always been more than lobsters and lighthouses—it played a pivotal role in military defense during periods of border tensions with Britain. At Fort Knox, every bastion and battery tells part of this tale. Wander around on your own or join a guided tour to get insights into how troops lived—and prepared for battle—in times gone by.

Families can engage hands-on with history here too; imagine little ones climbing up ramparts or peering out gun embrasures wide-eyed as they listen to stories from an era far removed yet vividly brought back to life within these granite walls.

canon at Fort Knox

An Eye on Engineering Marvels

No trip is complete without ascending into modernity via elevator ride up 420 feet inside Penobscot Narrows Bridge—the fastest elevator ride in Maine—to reach those sky-high observation decks I mentioned earlier. Here engineering buffs will marvel not only at breathtaking panoramic vistas but also at this feat of contemporary architecture seamlessly integrating with historic grounds below.

So why settle for dull moments when there are chapters from American history books waiting for families right here under our noses? With surprises around every corner—from hidden rooms discovered during routine preservation efforts (talk about finding secret treasure.)—it seems even two centuries later, Fort Knox still has secrets left to share.

view of Fort Knox

Sailing the Seas on Schooner Appledore II

Imagine your family, wind in your hair, as you glide across the sparkling waters of Camden. That’s what awaits aboard Schooner Appledore II. This isn’t just a boat ride; it’s a hands-on leap into Maine’s rich maritime heritage.

Feel the History Beneath Your Feet

The very deck you stand on echoes with tales of yesteryear. The Schooner Appledore II has been carrying adventurers like yourselves since 1978. As she hoists her sails, each creak and groan tells stories of past voyages – something that modern vessels just can’t match.

Your kids won’t just watch; they’ll learn to tie knots and read charts under the crew’s expert guidance. It’s learning disguised as fun—a secret every parent loves to share.

Bonding Over Buoys and Breezes

A trip on this schooner is more than sightseeing—it’s about creating bonds. Whether it’s taking turns at the helm or simply soaking up sun together, these are moments when time seems to slow down, letting conversations flow and memories form.

You’ll pass by lighthouses standing sentinel over rocky coasts while seals may pop their heads above water to say hello. These sights offer natural conversation starters for curious minds wanting to know more about marine life and navigation—perfect fodder for those eager young brains.

Navigating Nature’s Splendor

Maine’s coastline offers an ever-changing canvas that keeps eyes wide with wonder: rugged cliffs one minute, serene beaches the next. And let’s not forget about spotting wildlife. From soaring eagles overhead to playful dolphins alongside—you never know who might show up during your sail.

This experience lets everyone unplug from tech and tune into nature—and each other—for a few magical hours out at sea where life slows down enough so we can catch up with it.


Outdoor Fun at Camden Hills State Park

If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure that blends scenic beauty with a dash of exercise, look no further than Camden Hills State Park. With its easy-to-navigate trails leading to Mount Battie summit, even your little ones can conquer the climb. The reward? A panoramic view that’s like standing on top of a natural skyscraper.

Hiking to Mount Battie Summit

Grab your water bottles and lace up those hiking boots because Mount Battie calls. It’s not just any hike; it’s one where every step weaves through Maine’s iconic coastal mountains. As you ascend, each turn offers new wonders—from towering trees reaching skyward to hidden glimpses of the shimmering ocean below. By the time you reach the stone tower atop, kiddos might just feel like knights surveying their kingdom.

The trail isn’t daunting—only 1.5 miles round trip—but it packs in enough variety to keep everyone engaged. You’ll pass whispering pines and peek-a-boo vistas before emerging onto an outcrop fit for postcard-worthy snaps (or let’s be real: Instagram moments). Don’t forget snacks because nothing beats munchies with a view.

view from the top of Mt Battie

Unwinding at Picnic Areas

All that trekking works up an appetite but fear not; this park has perfect picnic spots where families can refuel amidst nature’s splendor. Find tables tucked away under leafy boughs or choose open spaces near playgrounds so kids can run off their endless energy while adults catch their breath—or maybe vice versa after all those treats.

Savor sandwiches as squirrels scurry around and watch boats sail across Penobscot Bay in the distance—it doesn’t get much more “Maine” than this. These moments are simple yet magical—the kind memories are made from.

Camping Under Starlit Skies

A night spent camping here is unlike any other—you’re cozied up beneath constellations twinkling above dense forests instead of city lights blinking overhead. Campsites come equipped with everything needed for comfort without sacrificing wilderness vibes; think s’mores by campfire light followed by ghost stories (but only if they aren’t too spooky).

You’ll wake up refreshed, ready to explore more trails or maybe venture into nearby Camden town, known for its charming harbor full of sails fluttering in gentle sea breezes—a delightful contrast against rugged backcountry adventures.


A Journey Through Time at Owls Head Transportation Museum

Picture your family strolling through a hangar where time stands still, surrounded by gleaming chrome and the nostalgic scent of aged leather. The Owls Head Transportation Museum isn’t just a walk down memory lane; it’s an immersive leap into the evolution of transportation that sparks wonder across generations.

Vintage Vehicles Galore

If you think classic cars are merely relics, think again. They’re storytellers on wheels. At Owls Head, each vintage car from Model Ts to thundering muscle cars has its own tale—of innovation, design triumphs, and cross-country adventures that shaped America’s love affair with the open road.

The museum showcases these marvels in pristine condition. Imagine gripping the steering wheel of a 1920s roadster or hearing tales about how rumble seats were all the rage once upon a time. It’s this hands-on history lesson that leaves kids wide-eyed and adults feeling like they’ve got their first set of keys all over again.

vintage car

Flying High with Aviation History

The sky’s not just blue up above; it’s dotted with pioneers who dared to dream beyond land-based travel. Your family will gaze up at biplanes suspended as if caught mid-flight—a nod to aviation heroes who paved our way into aerospace achievements.

With aircraft ranging from early gliders to warbirds that defended skies far away, you’ll get more than just visual treats—you’ll learn stories about bravery and engineering feats right under those majestic wings. Discover airplanes that broke records and hearts alike during daring exhibitions or wartime missions.

back and yellow striped airplane

Bicycle & Motorcycle Days Gone By

Tired legs tell no lies—bicycles didn’t always have gears. Explore cycles dating back when pedal power was king: high-wheelers towering overhead might make today’s mountain bikes seem timid in comparison. Then shift focus onto motorcycles that echo freedom—an era when two wheels opened roads less traveled before highways stretched coast-to-coast.

Kids can trace bike evolutions while imagining wind-in-their-hair escapades long before digital distractions existed—the simple joy found in pure motion is timeless indeed. Check out two-wheeled wonders, including Harley-Davidsons which roared ahead creating cultural icons along their journey.

Dive deep into yesteryear at Owls Head where memories aren’t just displayed—they come alive so every visitor leaves fueled by inspiration drawn from revolutions both wheeled and winged.


Discovering Boothbay Railway Village Museum

All aboard for a journey back in time at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum. Imagine stepping into a scene where vintage trains whistle past, and history is not just told but felt. This gem in Maine offers kids both big and small the chance to learn about locomotive history hands-on.

Riding the Rails: A Family Adventure

The heart of this experience lies with its antique train rides. As you chug along on authentic steam or diesel engines, watch your children’s eyes light up with wonder. They’ll see Maine’s countryside unfold around them—a tapestry of green that tells tales older than any book could capture.

You can also explore replicas of historic buildings dotting the village landscape—each one offering a new piece to Maine’s storied past. The blacksmith shop clangs; it’s as if decades have melted away right before your very eyes.

steam engine coming down the tracks

Hands-On History Lessons

This isn’t just another museum walk-through—it’s an interactive dive into yesteryear. With model railroads that detail intricate scenes and educational exhibits, young minds get more than facts; they gain experiences that stick. The museum’s collection spans from classic cars to enchanting railroad memorabilia showcasing how transportation evolved over time.

A visit here helps connect dots between science, engineering, artistry—and yes—the romance of railways.

Making Memories That Last Beyond Tracks

Sure, you could spend another Saturday at home—or you could create memories riding through Boothbay under open skies. “The last time you heard something as special as ‘I love you’ echoed by the sound of a train whistle is an experience that’s hard to come by.” These moments matter because they’re unique snapshots in our busy lives we won’t find elsewhere—not even on screen savers or social feeds.

Pack snacks and make sure those camera batteries are charged because every turn holds a photo op worthy of framing—or at least flooding your friends’ timelines with envy-inducing posts.

little boy holding his train ticket

FAQs in Relation to Best Places to Visit in Maine With Family

What is the prettiest place in Maine?

Many say Acadia National Park steals the show with its stunning vistas, from rugged coastlines to lush forests.

Is Maine good for families?

Maine’s a hit for families, thanks to its mix of outdoor fun, educational spots, and friendly small towns.

Where do people go when they visit Maine?

Tourists flock to Acadia National Park, picturesque lighthouses, and charming coastal towns like Bar Harbor and Camden.

What is the best place to go with a family?

The best spot? That’s subjective. But many fams love Orlando for Disney World or D.C. for free museums and history galore.


So you’ve journeyed through Maine, from the heights of Acadia’s peaks to the historic tracks at Boothbay. You’ve seen your kids marvel at vintage planes and trains, felt the thrill of a schooner’s sail catching wind.

Remember this: The best places to visit in Maine with family are where stories unfold and laughter echoes across lakes and hills. They’re spots where every view is a painting and each moment is as fresh as pine-scented air.

Take these memories home: The glow on your child’s face atop Mount Battie, the shared excitement spotting wildlife around Moosehead Lake. These aren’t just stops on a map; they’re chapters in your adventure book.

Maine waits for no one but welcomes everyone—families ready to bond over new discoveries. So pack that sense of wonder; let it guide you back again.

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Mark Beale - Author Bio

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