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Boothbay Railway Village Museum in Boothbay, Maine: Exploring Maine’s Vintage Railway Museum

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Narrow Gauge Train
Discover the enchanting Boothbay Railway Village Museum, where history comes to life through authentic steam train rides, antique car exhibits, and engaging activities for all ages.

Exploring Maine’s Transportation Heritage: A Visit to the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

Nestled in Boothbay, Maine, the Boothbay Railway Village Museum offers visitors a rich tapestry of Maine’s history. On its thirty-acre grounds, the museum showcases more than two dozen historic buildings filled with artifacts. This vivid display of Maine’s heritage spans from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, highlighting the state’s railroading history and the advent of the automobile.

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Narrow Gauge Train

For history buffs and families alike, the Boothbay Railway Village provides a unique chance to step back in time. Where else in New England can you ride behind an authentic steam locomotive and explore a recreated village filled with preserved historic Maine buildings? The museum’s exhibits transport visitors to a time before modern technology, offering a glimpse of rural life in Maine.

All aboard at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum train

The museum isn’t just about trains. It also houses a collection of 60 antique automobiles, offering a comprehensive look at the evolution of transportation. Events such as a lecture series in an 1847 Town Hall make the experience even richer. To plan a visit and learn more, you can check the Boothbay Railway Village Museum website.

Antique car collection at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


The Museum Experience

Boothbay Railway Village Museum offers a unique journey through time, showcasing Maine’s rich history with historic buildings and exhibits of vintage transportation. Visitors can explore old structures, see antique vehicles, and enjoy train rides.

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Sign and Entrance


Historic Maine Buildings

The museum features several historic Maine buildings, each with its own story. The General Store shows what shopping was like in the past, filled with period items and artifacts.

Historic Buildings at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

Another highlight is the One Room Schoolhouse. It provides a glimpse into the educational practices of yesteryear, complete with original desks and teaching materials. Visitors can also see homes that depict the domestic life of Mainers from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s.

One Room Schoolhouse at Boothbay Railway Village Museum

There are also buildings dedicated to community life, such as a chapel and a town hall, all preserved to give a sense of life in historic Maine.

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Town Hall Building


Transportation Exhibits

The museum boasts an impressive collection of transportation exhibits. One standout is the Antique Auto Museum, home to 60 vintage cars, including Ford Model Ts and other classic automobiles.

Antique auto collection at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

Visitors can learn about the evolution of travel, from horse-drawn carriages to early engines and trucks. There are also model railroads and model trains on display, showcasing the intricate details of early rail transportation.

Antique vehicles at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

Among the notable exhibits, the Model T and various steam engines highlight the technological advances that changed how people and goods moved.

Stanley Steamer Car at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Railway Adventures

No visit is complete without experiencing the railway adventures the museum offers. Guests can ride in a vintage coach, pulled by either a restored steam locomotive or a diesel engine.

Train ride at the oothbay Railway Village Museum

The train rides provide a scenic tour around the museum’s 35-acre property, allowing visitors to see historic buildings and exhibits from a unique perspective. The steam locomotive rides are particularly popular as they evoke the golden age of rail travel.

Train ride at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

The Village Green is another must-see part of the experience, offering a tranquil area to relax and enjoy the surroundings of this historical recreation.

Village green at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Cultural and Educational Programs

Boothbay Railway Village Museum offers a variety of cultural and educational programs that engage visitors of all ages. These programs highlight historical practices and skills, and provide opportunities for hands-on learning.

Tour aboard a vintage fire truck of the Historical Buildings at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Historical Reenactments

The museum hosts numerous historical reenactments, bringing the past to life. Visitors can experience vintage ball games, which recreate the excitement of early baseball. The Schoolhouse features lessons as they would have been taught in the past, using authentic curriculum and materials.

Historical Reenactment of a late 19th century New England book fair

There are also demonstrations of Shaker practices, giving insight into this unique religious community. These activities provide an immersive experience, making history tangible and relatable for today’s audiences.


Workshops and Demonstrations

The Village frequently hosts workshops and demonstrations focusing on historical crafts and trades. Blacksmith demonstrations showcase traditional metalworking techniques. Visitors can watch as skilled artisans create tools and other items using historical methods.

Blacksmith demonstration at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

The museum also offers hands-on activities during family festivals, where children and adults alike can participate in creating crafts or learning new skills. Special events, like seasonal celebrations and specialty tours, provide deeper insights into the way of life during different historical periods.

Through these programs, Boothbay Railway Village Museum not only preserves history, but also educates and inspires its visitors.


Visitor Information

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum provides insights into rural Maine’s history while offering practical amenities and event options. Here’s what to know before planning your visit.

Vintage gas station at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Operating Hours and Location

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., starting Memorial Day weekend through late October. The museum is situated at 586 Wiscasset Road, Boothbay, Maine, nestled in the scenic coast of Maine. Visitors can enjoy a full day exploring the sprawling 35-acre Village Green. This is an ideal location for those looking to experience the charm of yesteryears.

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Entrance


Amenities and Accessibility

The museum features various amenities to ensure a pleasant visit. Guests can find a gift shop offering locally made souvenirs and memorabilia. The museum grounds include restrooms equipped with facilities for guests with disabilities. Additionally, the venue is generally wheelchair accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy the historic exhibits and scenic surroundings comfortably.

Museum store at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Special Event Bookings

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum offers a unique venue for special events like wedding ceremonies and receptions. Imagine a wedding set against the backdrop of historic buildings and beautiful gardens. Pricing varies, and it is recommended to contact the museum directly to discuss specific needs and availability. This picturesque location is perfect for creating lasting memories in a setting rich with history.

Wedding events at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Annual Events and Community Engagement

Boothbay Railway Village Museum hosts various events throughout the year, celebrating local culture and history. These events engage the community and attract visitors from all over.

Annual Crafts Fair at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum


Antique Auto Days

One of the most exciting events at Boothbay Railway Village Museum is Antique Auto Days. This event attracts car enthusiasts from across the region. Attendees can view an extensive antique car collection up close. These cars span different eras, showcasing the evolution of automobile design.

Antique Auto Days Event at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

Visitors also have the chance to meet the proud owners. They can ask questions and learn about the history of each vehicle. The event typically includes demonstrations and even some short rides in a few of the classic cars. This provides a unique hands-on experience with history. The Car Museum is open during the event, allowing guests to explore more vintage and classic cars.


Local Festivities

Local Festivities at the Museum include a variety of family festivals and special events. These activities are designed to be fun for all ages. Events range from vintage ball games to engaging community gatherings. One highlight is the annual Fall Foliage Festival, where families can enjoy the changing leaves and festive autumn atmosphere.

Annual fall festival at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

Resident goats and other farm animals often make appearances during festivals, adding to the quaint, rural charm. Additionally, the Village Green becomes a hub for activities, offering games, live entertainment, and local food vendors.

Resident goats at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

These festivities not only provide enjoyment but also help support local organizations and businesses. The Museum serves as a unique backdrop for these events, blending history with community spirit.


Interesting Facts about the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

  • The museum was founded in 1965 by George McEvoy, a railroad enthusiast who wanted to preserve Maine’s narrow gauge railway history.
  • The museum’s collection includes over 60 antique automobiles, ranging from the early 1900s to the 1960s.
  • The narrow gauge steam trains operated by the museum are some of the few remaining functional steam locomotives in the United States.
  • The museum’s historic village features buildings from the mid-19th to early-20th centuries, providing a unique snapshot of life in rural Maine during that time period.
  • The Boothbay Railway Village Museum hosts an annual “Rails, Tails & Ales” event, which combines craft beer tasting with train rides and live music.
  • The museum is open seasonally from May to October, with special events and activities scheduled throughout the operating season.

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Train Stop


Don’t Miss Out on the Fascinating Boothbay Railway Village Museum During Your Maine Vacation

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum offers a truly unique and engaging experience for visitors of all ages. With its authentic narrow gauge steam train rides, fascinating antique auto exhibit, preserved historic buildings, and family-friendly activities, the museum brings the region’s transportation and local history to life. By including this must-visit attraction in your Boothbay vacation itinerary, you’ll not only have a memorable time but also support the museum’s important mission of preserving Maine’s rich heritage. So, make sure to add the Boothbay Railway Village Museum to your list of top things to do during your next visit to this charming coastal town.

Boothbay Railway Village Museum Train Stop


Frequently Asked Questions about the Boothbay Railway Village Museum

The following are answers to some common questions about the Boothbay Railway Village Museum.

What are the admission prices for the Boothbay Railway Village Museum?

Admission prices for the Boothbay Railway Village Museum vary. General adult admission is typically around $14, while children under six often get in for free. There are discounts for seniors and groups. It is always best to check the official website for the most up-to-date information.

What locomotives are part of the Boothbay Railway Village collection?

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum features both steam and diesel locomotives. These vintage trains offer a glimpse into Maine’s railroading past. Visitors can see an authentic steam locomotive in action, providing an educational experience about historical transportation.

Are there any scenic train rides available at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum?

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum offers scenic train rides. Guests can enjoy a ride behind an authentic locomotive while viewing the recreated village and surrounding landscape. It’s a great way to experience Maine’s heritage.

How long does the train ride last?

The narrow gauge steam train ride at the Boothbay Railway Village Museum lasts approximately 30 minutes. The train takes visitors on a scenic journey through the museum’s grounds, offering a delightful way to explore the area.

Are there any special events held at the museum throughout the year?

Yes, the Boothbay Railway Village Museum hosts various special events and themed weekends throughout its operating season. These events cater to different interests and age groups, offering unique experiences and activities. Some popular events include the annual “Rails, Tails & Ales” craft beer tasting event, family-friendly themed weekends, and holiday-themed celebrations. It’s recommended to check the museum’s website or social media pages for upcoming event details.

What are the operating hours of the Boothbay Railway Village Museum?

The Boothbay Railway Village Museum typically operates from June to October. Hours of operation are usually from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. It’s advisable to check the museum’s website for specific dates and any changes to the schedule.


Contact Information
Boothbay Railway Village Museum
586 Wiscasset Road, Boothbay, Maine 04537



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