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Featured Business Article: Improve Business Brand Visibility

Gain More Visitors and Greater Online Exposure by Telling Your Business Story


TM2 Maine Featured Business Article

Thousands of readers come to our website for travel inspiration, informed travel tips, and local travel stories. Promote your business on our TM2 Maine website with an informative article about your business story, and connect your brand with our travel audience. Reach qualified travelers researching Maine locations, attractions, and Maine travel services by connecting your brand with your featured business article on our TM2 Maine website.

A Featured Business Article provides a platform for your travel business to showcase and shape your business story and connect to travel consumers who are actively searching and seeking ideas on where to stay, dine, play, or visit in Maine, and in your local travel area.

The Featured Business Article allows you to insert your brand’s story or message into our website as an informative and engaging business article. The best part? When done correctly, it won’t feel like a promotional piece of content at all – but rather an educational piece of content to help your potential customers better understand your business services or products.

A well-written and captivating article that informs or provides insight is paired with your brand message to give readers something they actually want to engage with instead of wanting to avoid. This is a great way to build relationships and trust with your customers because this type of content gives them valuable insight and information they can use to take action or even make a buying decision. For instance, if you have a lodging business you’d like to promote (a hotel, inn, vacation rental service, etc.), we can help find that unique angle your customer absolutely needs to know about. A piece of content that’s captivating will motivate them to read about your business and click on links to discover more.

Keep in mind that we work with select businesses when offering a Featured Business Article. We will only do so if we feel the article would provide value to our readers and fits our website style. We will also be following any regulatory guidelines on disclosure, including mentioning that the business article is sponsored and also adding “nofollow” tags to any brand links.

We are also open to long-term collaborations as Brand Ambassadors and are more than happy to adjust things according to your needs and marketing objectives.

See an example Featured Business Article here.

How Our Featured Business Articles Work?

The process for us publishing a Featured Business Story is as follows:

  • $1,500 One Time Charge
    A one-time charge of $1,500. This includes a FREE separate Business Profile which will be linked from your Featured Business Article.

  • Substantially Boosts Your Business Brand in Organic Search Results
    Your Featured Business Article improves your chances to rank on the first page of organic search results for your business brand. Typically, your business article will rank on the first page of organic search results in 4-to-6 months. Because your Featured Business Article is a well-written and informative business article that resides on the TM2 Maine website, it essentially piggy backs off of the trusted authority of the TM2 Maine website for Maine related searches including your Maine-based business brand.

    Why is this beneficial for your brand when your business website is likely to already rank on the first page of organic search results? Because it provides an independent source of information about your business that helps build customer trust, giving them additional information of value they can use when making a buying decision.

    Remember, your Featured Business Article includes a FREE separate Business Profile page. The Business Profile page is linked to your Featured Business Article. Conversely, your Featured Business Article is linked to your Business Profile page. When linked together in this way, this creates a mini hub of brand content that will propel your business brand to the top of Google’s organic search results. No other online travel guide in the industry offers this kind of promotional framework to assist brands in helping to rank in organic search results.

  • Write a Professionally Crafted Business Article
    We write a professionally crafted business story which includes interviewing you or your designated stakeholder(s) in order to research and truly tell your business story.

  • Create a Comprehensive & Unique Business Article
    We write an article of 1,000 to 1,200 words. We make your business article informative and interesting. Better than other competing articles. This is for quality and organic search ranking.

  • Follow Best Practices for Featured Content
    Article links will have rel=”sponsored nofollow” tags as per Google and other search engine guidelines. We will also add a line at the start of the article letting our readers know the article is sponsored for transparency and trust and to comply with government guidelines.

  • Only Use Relevant External Content Links
    All other (helpful) external links will be “nofollow” by default and will be relevant to your article. Please note that we are very strict with links to external sites.

  • Use Client Supplied Images (When Possible)
    If you are providing images they should be high quality and you should have the right to use them. They should have been taken/created/owned by you or licensed through a stock agency.

  • Use High Quality Images for Visual Interest
    We will integrate up to 20 high quality images of your business into your Featured Business Article. If you do not have high quality images, we’ll identify several pictures included as part of your one-time business article fee.

  • Client Review Prior to Being Published
    Once we have written the article, you will be given the opportunity to review it and make edits and tweaks as well as changes to the content so that it accurately reflects your brand story.

  • Branded Page URL on TM2 Maine Website
    When we publish an article it will appear under the SPOTLIGHT section of the website in the top navigation leading to a landing page with a Business Tile which links to the business article with its own branded page URL.

  • Increase Visibility Through Your Brand Channels
    As well as posting the article on our website, you can do the following to enhance the visibility of the article: (a) Link from your website to the business article page URL; (b) Use social media to promote the business article and page URL; and (c) Provide the link to the business article page URL in your customer email responses and correspondence.

  • Creates a Cost-Effective Solution for Long Term Exposure for Your Brand
    We leave the article up indefinitely which amortizes your original cost over time. Unless you wish us to remove the article from our website, you reap the benefit of one of the most cost-effective approaches to marketing your business brand online.

And finally just as a reminder, when publishing a Featured Business Article on our website, we will give full disclosure, so as to comply with regulatory/government guidelines and for transparency to our readers. This will be in the form of a label at the top of the article mentioning the article is “Sponsored Content” including the brand that the article is in collaboration with as well as the content it relates to.

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