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Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston Maine: Sky-High Fun

hot air balloon festival
Soar into the skies at the great falls balloon festival in Lewiston Maine, where vibrant hot air balloons and family fun await you for an unforgettable weekend.

Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston Maine: Sky-High Fun

Imagine a sky brushed with the vibrant hues of dozens of hot air balloons; that’s what you’ll witness at the great falls balloon festival in Lewiston Maine. This annual spectacle paints the twin cities of Lewiston and Auburn with splashes of color and communal joy, offering an unforgettable experience for families, photographers, and visitors from all walks. As these gentle giants rise at dawn against a pastel skyline or glow like lanterns come evening, there’s no denying their magic.

Lewiston/Auburn hot air balloon festival

This event isn’t just about high-flying adventures; it knits together local businesses through trade booths invite browsing while food booths offer tantalizing tastes ranging from sweet pancake breakfasts to savory taco salads. With live music setting the backdrop for both morning launches and evening festivities, this festival captures more than just snapshots—it creates memories.

You’re set for a weekend where every lift-off promises new thrills—whether it’s marveling at special shape balloons or rooting for your favorite during competitive flights. So mark your calendars because when August rolls around again, you won’t want to miss out on the vibrant spectacle and high-flying fun that this event is famous for. It’s an experience that will leave you looking up in awe and wonder.


Celebrating Community and Color at the Great Falls Balloon Festival

Every August, Lewiston Maine becomes a canvas of vibrant hues as the Great Falls Balloon Festival paints the sky. This spectacular community event brings together balloon enthusiasts and families for an unforgettable weekend. It’s not just about witnessing hot air balloons take flight; it’s also a chance to celebrate local culture and support Lewiston along with its twin city Auburn.

The festival is scheduled for August 2024, promising another year where these two cities join forces to create memories against the backdrop of colorful balloons launching into the sky. As you wander through Simard-Payne Memorial Park, expect your senses to be delighted by live entertainment that turns every moment into a celebration.

hot air balloon festival

If you’re wondering how much more magical Friday night can get, wait until you see special shape balloons light up during evening launches—an enchanting sight sure to capture hearts. And let’s not forget morning launches when air balloons rise with the sun—perfect timing for photographers or anyone who enjoys starting their day on an uplifting note. Weather permitting, these moments are some of life’s simplest yet most profound pleasures.

Lewiston/Auburn area buzzes with excitement as this annual festivity provides fundraising opportunities for local nonprofits while boosting tourism—a win-win scenario if there ever was one.

Count Down to Festival Fun, because whether it’s enjoying carnival rides near Oxford Street or savoring flavors from food booths offer throughout Elm Street—the energy here is infectious.

A Tapestry of Events Across Two Cities

Imagine the skies above Lewiston and Auburn alive with color as hot air balloons rise in a dance choreographed by the winds. The Great Falls Balloon Festival is not just an event; it’s a celebration that stitches together these twin cities through shared moments of wonder. For several days, residents and visitors alike gather to witness this spectacular display.

hot air balloons in the sky

A Day-by-Day Breakdown of Festivities

The festival unfurls over multiple days, offering something new from dawn till dusk. You’ll find early risers at Simard-Payne Memorial Park, sipping coffee while balloon pilots prepare for morning launches—a sight so peaceful it seems almost otherworldly. As the day progresses, trade booths invite browsing along Lincoln Street where local craftspeople showcase their wares against a backdrop of live entertainment that resonates throughout the park.

Come evening, anticipation builds once more as festival-goers turn their eyes skyward for another round of launches. With weather conditions permitting, each evening launch becomes its own vibrant painting across Maine’s twilight canvas—a tradition eagerly awaited by all ages.

Festival grounds are abuzz with activities: children laughing in bounce houses or getting faces painted while adults enjoy carnival rides or grab bites from food booths offering everything from hearty pancakes to eclectic taco salads—all within earshot of melodies spilling out onto Elm Street and Oxford Street during Friday night concerts.

The cooperative efforts between local businesses ensure this grand event provides fundraising opportunities alongside unforgettable experiences. So mark your calendars—come August 2024—and join us on Main Street under the watchful gaze of Longley Bridge for a weekend’s events that promise joyous celebrations mirrored in both Lewiston-Auburn areas Count Down to Festival Fun.

High-Flying Adventures with Hot Air Balloons

Imagine the sky bursting into a kaleidoscope of color as hot air balloons rise gracefully at dawn. The Great Falls Balloon Festival is where this vision becomes reality, especially during the much-anticipated morning and evening launches. Here in Lewiston, Maine, families and photography buffs gather to capture these serene moments.

hot air balloons taking off

Meet the Pilots Behind the Magic

Beyond just colorful orbs against blue skies, each balloon has a story shaped by its pilot’s experience. These skilled navigators steer their special shape balloons through Maine’s vast canvas with precision—a feat that sparks wonder among onlookers at the main launch site.

Their expertise ensures every hot air balloon launch unfolds smoothly—weather permitting—offering guests both safety and spectacle. For those eager to know more about what it takes to guide these gentle giants across our state’s picturesque backdrop click here for insights from veteran pilots.

The excitement doesn’t end when balloons touch down; festival grounds buzz with activity all day long. Live entertainment sets toes tapping while children dart between face painting stations and bounce houses—their laughter echoing over carnival rides near Elm Street or Oxford Street corridors.

Lewiston’s Simard-Payne Memorial Park transforms into a vibrant hub of food booths offering local treats like taco salads next to global delights ensuring there’s something for everyone after watching awe-inspiring hot air balloon launches throughout Lincoln Street up towards Longley Bridge—an ideal spot for viewing without leaving town center.

To witness one of these breathtaking flights yourself mark your calendar because come August 2024 you’ll want front row seats at this dazzling display above Androscoggin River right here in our own backyard. Don’t miss out; plan ahead by visiting Count Down to Festival Fun.

hot air balloon in the air

Culinary Delights at Simard-Payne Memorial Park

Indulge in a culinary adventure at Simard-Payne Memorial Park during the Great Falls Balloon Festival. This picturesque riverside park is transformed into a vibrant hub of flavors, offering a wide range of local and global cuisines to satisfy every palate.

Breakfast Specials to Kickstart Your Day

Start your day with a delicious pancake breakfast as the sun rises over Lewiston-Auburn. The enticing aroma of freshly cooked pancakes fills the air, creating a delightful atmosphere. While enjoying your breakfast, you can witness the mesmerizing sight of hot air balloons inflating and preparing for their morning ascent.

Savor the fluffy pancakes drizzled with Maine maple syrup, immersing yourself in the tradition and artistry of ballooning against the backdrop of a picturesque landscape.

When it comes to culinary offerings, Lewiston has something for everyone. As the balloons take flight in the crisp morning light, festival-goers can explore a variety of food options, from traditional Maine whoopie pies to zesty taco salads.

Local Eats Meet Global Treats

As noon approaches, live entertainment takes the stage, accompanied by the enticing aromas of diverse cuisines from around the world. Food vendors at Simard-Payne Memorial Park showcase an array of international dishes, allowing visitors to embark on a global culinary journey without leaving Lewiston. From creamy Italian gelato to flavorful Asian stir-fries, the festival offers a taste of different cultures, reflecting the vibrant and diverse community of Lewiston.

Italian gelato

Indulging in these delectable treats not only satisfies your cravings but also supports local businesses. The trade booths at the festival provide fundraising opportunities for community groups in the Twin Cities area. After enjoying a satisfying meal, take a leisurely stroll along the scenic Androscoggin River or explore the charming shops and eateries along Lincoln Street, immersing yourself in the unique charm of Lewiston-Auburn.


FAQs in Relation to Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston Maine


Where is the balloon festival in Maine?

The Great Falls Balloon Festival takes flight in Lewiston, Maine, turning the skies into a canvas of color.

What is the biggest air balloon festival in the United States?

New Mexico hosts the largest air balloon festival in the United States with its Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which draws global crowds.

Where was the balloon festival?

Lewiston’s own Simard-Payne Memorial Park often serves as ground zero for these high-flying spectacles.


Remember the sky-high wonders, remember the community spirit. The great falls balloon festival in Lewiston Maine offers both in spades, from morning ascents to evening glows.

Cherish those moments; cherish the local flavors and sounds that bring life to Simard-Payne Memorial Park with each hot air balloon launch. It’s where global treats meet hometown favorites.

Take these memories; take home stories of pilots’ skills and balloons’ special shapes soaring above two vibrant cities joined by celebration. And when safety comes first, it’s clear skies for all who gather here.

Hold onto this joy; hold onto an event that ties together Lincoln Street charm with Androscoggin River adventures—because this is more than a festival, it’s a snapshot of Lewiston-Auburn at its most colorful and united.

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