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Your Guide to Family Fun at Long Sands Beach in York Maine

Long Sands Beach
Discover family adventures and serene escapes at Long Sands Beach in York Maine, where coastal charm meets endless fun under the sun.

Your Guide to Family Fun at Long Sands Beach in York Maine

Picture the rolling waves and soft hum of the ocean at Long Sands Beach in York, Maine. This coastal haven stretches for over a mile, where sea foam kisses powdery white sands. It’s not just about lounging under the sun; there’s a whole world of activities waiting to splash color into your beach day.

You’re set for convenience here with easy parking and restrooms close by. And if you fancy catching some waves or spiking a volleyball, Long Sands has got you covered with designated zones and courts. So get ready to soak up more than sunshine as we dive deep into everything this beach offers—from essential planning info to local dining gems.

Long Sands Beach

Discovering Long Sands Beach in York, Maine

Unveil the beauty and offerings of Long Sands Beach, a coastal gem nestled between York Harbor and York Beach, where white sands and ocean activities await.

A Mile of White Sandy Shores

Stroll along the pristine stretch of Long Sands Beach and bask in its scenic views and gentle sea breezes.

The allure of Long Sands begins with its expansive shores that invite visitors from near and far. Each day during peak season, an estimated 3-5 thousand people dot this coastal gem—some basking under the sun while others indulge in strolls by high tide when waves kiss the shore leaving behind treasures like sand dollars among tide pools.

Safety here isn’t taken lightly; water quality testing occurs weekly ensuring each splash is as refreshing as it is clean. Whether you’re looking to build castles with fine sands or simply admire Cape Neddick’s silhouette against an orange sunset horizon, there’s no denying Long Sands’ ability to captivate hearts.

Long Sands Beach

Public Amenities for Comfortable Visits

With convenient public restrooms and accessible parking spaces, your beach day is hassle-free. After all, comfort at Long Sands isn’t a luxury; it’s part of what makes every visit memorable.

Activities to Enjoy at Long Sands Beach

If you’re all about catching waves, then the designated surf zones at Long Sands Beach will be your sweet spot. Orange buoys mark these areas where beginners and pros alike can ride the Atlantic swells. And if surfing’s not your jam, no worries—there’s plenty of sand for sunbathing too.

But maybe you’re looking to spike a ball under the sun? The volleyball courts here are as inviting as they come. Family-friendly matches become instant classics on this sandy stage, with laughter echoing against the backdrop of rolling waves.

Lifeguards keep watchful eyes from late June through Labor Day, ensuring that everyone—from little guppies swimming in shallow waters to seasoned surfers tackling bigger breaks—stays safe while soaking up the fun. Whether it’s taking on a new challenge or just chilling beachside, Long Sands delivers an unforgettable day by the sea. Check out local ordinances before heading over so your visit is smooth sailing.

Essential Information for Planning Your Visit

Before you hit the sands at Long Sands Beach, a little prep can turn a good day into a great one. Got your eye on that perfect spot by the ocean? Make sure to get there early, especially since parking is metered from May 15th through October 15th. And remember, if Fido’s coming along, pups have beach hours too—they’re welcome before 8 am or after 6 pm from May 20th to September 20th.

If you want to steer clear of tickets and towing during your seaside escape, it’s wise to peek at . Plus, if you’re staying longer than a day trip and need that coveted parking space without playing musical chairs with other beachgoers—consider snagging a permit as per York’s parking program guidelines. Permit Parking Program.

Tide charts aren’t just for sailors; they’re crucial for beach plans too. Why? Because nobody wants their picnic swept away by an unexpected high tide. A quick look at the local event calendar will also give you heads up on any happenings that might make your visit extra special—or super crowded.

Long Sands Beach

Navigating Local Regulations at Long Sands Beach

When you’re planning a beach day, it’s smart to brush up on the local rules. At Long Sands Beach, there’s more than just sun and surf; understanding the animal control ordinance can save you from unnecessary hiccups. Love your furry friends? Remember that dogs are welcome on leashes outside of 8 am to 6 pm from May 20th through September 20th.

If you dream of grilling by the waves, hold that thought. No campfires or barbecues unless it’s for a special event with permits in hand—safety first, after all. Plus, this spot is proud to be smoke-free, keeping the air as fresh as the ocean breeze.

One last pro tip: embrace the carry-in carry-out trash policy here. It keeps our sands pristine and wildlife safe. So pack those trash bags along with your sunscreen.

Exploring Nearby Attractions Around Long Sands Beach

If you thought the coastal allure of Long Sands Beach was just about sandy stretches and ocean waves, think again. Just a stone’s throw away is the historic Cape Neddick Light Station, better known as Nubble Lighthouse—a beacon of maritime legacy.

A short drive from York Maine’s popular sands beach, this lighthouse stands guard over rocky outcrops and has been guiding sailors since 1879. It’s not only a piece of history; it’s also one of those picture-perfect spots that seem to capture the essence of New England coastline charm.

But don’t stop there—York Harbor Beach offers its own quiet retreat with tide pools brimming with sea life at low tide, while Short Sands Beach brings family fun closer with an amusement park filled with excitement like a pirate ship ride and treats like saltwater taffy. The whole area echoes with tales waiting for you to uncover—from pirates’ secrets hidden beneath Short Sands to whispers from Isles of Shoals visible in the distance.

Visit Nubble Lighthouse, snap that quintessential Maine photo, then explore more treasures beyond Longs Sands’ serene shores.

happy dog at Long Sands Beach

Dining and Shopping Near Long Sands Beach

After a day of lounging on the sandy shores of Long Sands Beach, your taste buds are in for a treat with local eateries serving up fresh, ocean-to-table fare. Just a short stroll from the beachfront, you can dig into succulent seafood at spots like Dockside Restaurant on Harris Island – their menu is packed with Maine classics that promise to delight.

For those who fancy shopping as much as sunbathing, within walking distance lie quaint boutiques where you can scoop up unique souvenirs ranging from handcrafted sand dollars to nautical-themed decor. It’s not just about trinkets though; find trendy outfits perfect for seaside evenings or pick out coastal-inspired artwork to bring home a piece of York’s charm.

If ice cream screams summer for you, then make sure to hit one (or more) of the many parlors sprinkled around York Beach. With flavors that go beyond vanilla and chocolate, indulge in homemade scoops while wandering under shade trees or along the vibrant boardwalks. So whether it’s dining al fresco or treasure hunting through shops – this slice of Maine has all you need.

Accommodations Close to Long Sands Beach

Finding the perfect spot to stay near Long Sands Beach is a breeze, with options that cater to every taste. Imagine waking up just walking distance from a day of sunbathing and seaside adventures. Whether you’re here for York Days or planning an extended summer retreat, comfortable lodging is key.

Visitors often seek places close enough so they can hear the waves from their room but still have quick access to nearby shops for ice cream or saltwater taffy treats. You might want something within arm’s reach of Short Sands’ amusement park fun or prefer the tranquility closer to York Harbor.

Dockside Guest Quarters offers rooms where you can gaze out at boats drifting by in York Harbor while enjoying your morning coffee. It’s not just about having a place to crash after exploring Long Sands Beach; it’s about experiencing Maine’s coastal charm around-the-clock during your stay—from May 1st until Labor Day festivities wind down.

Long Sands Beach

Best Times for Visiting Long Sands Beach

If you’re looking to catch the perfect wave or just want some quiet beach time, timing is everything at Long Sands. While this stretch of York’s coastline draws in sun-seekers from May 1st through Labor Day, there’s a sweet spot before and after these dates when you can enjoy the sand without elbowing your way through crowds.

July and August are peak months here. But if bustling beaches aren’t your jam, consider an early June visit or a late September escape; you’ll miss out on seasonal lifeguards but gain more space to spread out your towel.

Keep in mind that during York Days—a summer highlight—you’ll find the sands come alive with community spirit.
To make sure you’ve got a parking spot close by during high season, get there bright and early—or maybe opt for permit parking. And remember: while dogs might love running on the beach as much as we do, they need to sit tight at home between 8 am and 6 pm from May 20th until September 20th.

Ensuring Accessibility at Long Sands Beach

Long Sands Beach in York, Maine is a slice of paradise that everyone should get to experience. That’s why the beach has rolled out the welcome mat for visitors with disabilities by ensuring handicapped accessibility features are top-notch.

Parking can be a pain at any popular destination, but not here. Handicapped parking spots are readily available so that those with mobility challenges can park close to the sand and sea. Plus, you won’t have to navigate tricky terrain; access ramps near the bathhouse make getting onto the beach a breeze.

If you or someone you know needs special accommodations like a beach wheelchair, availability isn’t an issue. With these resources just an arm’s length away, every visitor can soak up sun and surf without worry.


FAQs in Relation to Long Sands Beach in York Maine


Is York Beach Maine open to the public?

Yes, York Beach and its sandy stretches welcome everyone looking for some sun and surf.

How much does it cost to park at York Beach?

Parking at York Beach costs a fee with metered spots from mid-May through October 15th.

Who owns Long Sands Beach in York Maine?

The town of York manages Long Sands, making it a public space for all to enjoy.

Is York Beach Maine worth visiting?

Absolutely. With its scenic views and coastal charm, it’s a hit for both relaxation and adventure seekers.


Take it all in – the mile-long stretch of white sand, the laughter and excitement as kids build sandcastles, and surfers catching waves. Long Sands Beach in York Maine has welcomed you with open arms. Remember those convenient parking spaces and restrooms? They’ve made your stay worry-free.

Dive into this – whether it was volleyball spikes or ocean dips, every moment spent here added to your treasure trove of memories. And don’t forget; local flavors await just steps away from the sandy shores.

Hold onto this – planning is key for a seamless beach day. You now know when to visit to beat the crowds or join in on festive fun during peak seasons like July through August.

Cling to these moments at Long Sands Beach where sun, sea, and smiles blend seamlessly into one radiant experience.

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Mark Beale - Author Bio

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