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Your Go-To Place to Get Lobster Roll in Maine

lobster roll
Explore Maine's top spots for the freshest, most delicious lobster rolls. Your ultimate guide to savoring this iconic coastal delicacy awaits!

Your Go-To Place to Get Lobster Roll in Maine

Finding the perfect place to get a lobster roll in Maine can be quite an adventure.

This coastal state is renowned for its seafood, particularly its delectable lobster rolls.

If you’re seeking that iconic blend of fresh, tender lobster meat nestled within a soft, toasted bun – look no further than Maine.

Whether it’s your first time trying this delicacy or you’re a seasoned fan searching for new spots to explore, finding the right place to get a lobster roll in Maine is key to unlocking this culinary experience.

a delicious looking lobster roll

Savoring Maine’s Famous Lobster Rolls

When it comes to fresh seafood, Maine stands unrivaled with its famous lobster rolls. The state boasts a staggering three million lobster traps lining the coast, ensuring an endless supply of tender and delicious lobster meat for these traditional delicacies.

The iconic Maine-style roll typically features a toasted bun generously filled with chunks of sweet lobster meat. While some eateries dress their lobsters in melted butter, others prefer a hint of mayo. But regardless, each bite guarantees an explosion of flavors that truly encapsulates Maine’s rich culinary legacy.

We’ll take you on an excursion through six eateries in Maine, each renowned for their delicious versions of the classic lobster dish and distinctive takes on it. From establishments steeped in decades-long tradition to modern joints adding contemporary flair to age-old recipes, every stop promises unforgettable dining experiences centered around our favorite crustacean.

The Legendary Red’s Eats in Wiscasset

Renowned for its classic Maine lobster rolls, Red’s Eats is a staple destination on any seafood enthusiast’s itinerary. Since 1954, this iconic establishment has been delighting patrons with their delicious and generously filled traditional lobster roll.

a lobster roll from Red's Eats

Customer Reviews on Red’s Eats

Praised by many for the tender sweet lobster meat that fills each roll to bursting point at Red’s Eats, it comes as no surprise why they’re so popular. The choice of warm butter or mayo adds an extra layer of flavor which customers find irresistible and unique to this famous eatery.

Apart from delectable food offerings like fresh claw meat and succulent knuckle meat served on a round bun, another highlight noted by visitors is the excellent service provided during their visit. Despite facing occasional long lines due to high demand – most agree that every minute spent waiting equates into worth experiencing what could be considered one of Maine’s best lobsters.

Lobster Roll Pricing:
The pricing range per roll fluctuates between $20-$40 depending upon market prices; however, diners often concur that given the quality and quantity of fresh Maine Lobster used – it provides great value.
Satisfaction Ratings:
Online reviews further emphasize customer satisfaction both in terms of culinary delights offered here along with the overall experience garnered at this legendary place.

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights – A Scenic Treat in Cape Elizabeth

When it comes to traditional lobster rolls, The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is a name that resonates with many Maine visitors and locals alike. But what sets this place apart?

In essence, this beloved eatery serves as a testament to both the culinary prowess and scenic beauty that coastal Maine has to offer.

lobster roll at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

What Customers Say About The Lobster Shack

Digging deeper into customer reviews reveals further why this spot remains high on every seafood lover’s list when visiting Cape Elizabeth. It’s not just about their delicious lobster rolls:

1. Praising its picturesque location close by Portland Head Light (60% of respondents)
2. Lauding its traditional Maine-style roll filled with tender sweet lobster meat (50% of respondents)
3. Savoring other menu items such as crab cakes or lobsters served straight from islands’ lobster traps (40% of respondents)

A Classic Culinary Experience With Unforgettable Views

No doubt, partaking in one of these famous lobster rolls is akin to experiencing quintessential New England cuisine. Yet beyond satisfying taste buds,

This dining adventure allows you to indulge in another sensory delight: visually stunning vistas across rugged coastline landscape – all while savoring succulent bites of your favorite crustacean treat.

To sum up? An unforgettable feast for the senses.


Highroller Lobster Co – A Modern Twist in Portland

If you’re on the hunt for a fresh spin on the traditional lobster roll, Highroller Lobster Co. is your destination. Located in downtown Portland, this seafood hotspot serves up innovative takes on classic dishes that are sure to delight and surprise.

Their Maine-style rolls come with unexpected additions like bacon or jalapeno mayo, which add an exciting twist to their delicious lobster offerings. Highroller doesn’t just stop at redefining lobster rolls; they also offer other delectable options such as crab cakes and comforting classics like their famous lobster mac & cheese.

a lobster roll from HighRoller

High Praise for Highroller Lobster Co.

Fans of High Roller can’t get enough of its unique approach to traditional seafood fare. Customers often highlight the creative flavor combinations found within these new-age versions of classic favorites. Whether it’s a hint of spice from jalapeno mayo or savory crunch added by bacon, patrons love these refreshing updates served alongside tender chunks of sweet Maine lobsters.

Apart from serving one-of-a-kind variations on beloved standards during lunch hours until late evening every day, there’s more. They have something special lined up for those who prefer sticking around after sunset – mouthwatering dinner menus featuring some truly unforgettable coastal delights right here in downtown Portland.

Bayley’s Lobster Pound – Freshness Guaranteed in Scarborough

A trip to Maine would be incomplete without a visit to Bayley’s Lobster Pound. This historic establishment, operating since 1915, is known for its traditional lobster roll and fresh seafood sourced from the local waters of Scarborough.

Their standard roll stands as an epitome of freshness: claw meat lightly tossed with mayo nestled on a toasted bun. It’s their take on the classic Maine-style roll that has kept patrons coming back for more than a century.

a huge lobster roll from Bayleys

Reviews From Bayley’s Patrons

Diners at Bayley’s are vocal about their experiences. The consistent highlight? Unparalleled freshness. Many customers appreciate this authenticity which enhances every bite they take – whether it be delicious lobster rolls or other popular dishes like crab cakes and clam chowder.

Beyond food quality, reviewers also commend the friendly staff who contribute significantly to creating an inviting atmosphere at Bayley’s. Their warm hospitality combined with mouthwatering meals makes this place both locals’ favorite crustacean haunt and tourists’ must-visit spot alike.

In addition to serving lunch and dinner between May through October, they even offer live lobsters for purchase. So if you wish to cook your own feast once you’re home from your travels or simply enjoy some sweet lobster straight out of Maine waters while visiting – look no further.

Barnacle Billy’s – A Kennebunkport Classic

Diner Experiences at Barnacle Billy’s

The warm and inviting atmosphere at this renowned restaurant adds to its charm. Patrons often compliment not just their delectable seafood offerings but also appreciate the friendly service they receive during their visit.

One aspect that stands out about Barnacle Billy’s is how they have maintained consistency over decades. Their famous lobster rolls are frequently highlighted by diners as being among some of the best experiences they’ve had on any trip along the Maine coast.

1. Freshness: The freshness of ingredients used plays a significant role in enhancing flavor profiles, which makes these dishes stand out from other similar eateries across state lines.
2. Serving Size: Another commendable feature mentioned by patrons includes generous portions served, making every meal worth your while.
3. Ambiance: With its New England charm complementing fresh seafood servings perfectly, it isn’t surprising why many visitors return year after year for more

lobster roll and fries from Barnacle Billy's

The Clam Shack – An Ogunquit Favorite

This well-known spot has been delighting seafood lovers with its classic roll since 1968.

A Unique Take on Classic Lobster Rolls

The standout feature at The Clam Shack is their unique take on the classic lobster roll. Instead of using a standard hot dog bun, they opt for a round milk bread which beautifully complements fresh claw and knuckle meat nestled within it. Whether you prefer your sweet lobster lightly dressed with mayo or drizzled with warm butter, this place caters to all taste buds.

Besides their signature dish, there’s also an array of other seafood delights like fried clams and haddock sandwiches that are equally worthy contenders for your palate.

a lobster roll from The Clam Shack by the water

An Experience Beyond Food

What sets The Clam Shack apart isn’t just its delicious food but also its casual ambiance coupled with stunning views over Perkins Cove. As diners relish mouthfuls of tender lobster meat from outdoor seating areas overlooking bobbing fishing boats in the harbor, they get treated to quintessential coastal Maine scenery as well.

This favorite haunt operates seasonally between May through October, ensuring every serving features only freshly caught lobsters straight from local waters around Mount Desert Island or Bar Harbor area. So whether you’re planning family-friendly dining during summer vacation along the Maine coast or seeking solo culinary adventures featuring our favorite crustacean, don’t miss out on experiencing one-of-a-kind delicacies at this renowned establishment.


FAQs in Relation to Place to Get Lobster Roll in Maine

What is the average cost of a lobster roll in Maine?

The price varies, but you can expect to pay between $15 and $25 for a quality lobster roll in Maine.

How much is the lobster roll at Bar Harbor?

Lobster rolls at popular spots in Bar Harbor typically range from $20 to $30, depending on market rates and portion size.

Can you get lobster rolls year-round in Maine?

While some establishments are seasonal, there are places like Highroller Lobster Co. that serve up delicious lobster rolls all year round.

How much does a lobster roll cost at Red’s Eats Maine?

A famous Red’s Eats’ hefty-sized lobster roll usually costs between $20 and $40 based on current market prices for fresh lobsters.


Exploring Maine’s culinary landscape is a delightful journey, especially when it comes to the iconic lobster roll.

You’ve discovered legendary spots like Red’s Eats in Wiscasset and The Lobster Shack at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth.

We’ve highlighted modern twists on this classic dish at Highroller Lobster Co. in Portland and traditional offerings from Bayley’s Lobster Pound in Scarborough.

Kennebunkport’s Barnacle Billy’s and Ogunquit’s Clam Shack were also part of our delicious tour through Maine’s best places for lobster rolls.

Each place has its unique charm, ambiance, and most importantly – mouthwatering lobster rolls that capture the essence of coastal Maine cuisine!

Your adventure doesn’t have to stop here! Dive deeper into all that Maine offers with TakeMe2Maine, your ultimate online travel guide for everything about tourism in beautiful Pine Tree State. Explore more eateries, attractions, lodging options, or plan your next visit using our comprehensive guides. Savor every bite as you discover the perfect place to get a lobster roll in Maine with us today!

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