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Discover Top Maine Breweries, Beer Tours & Festivals

flight of beers
Explore the top Maine breweries, beer tours, and festivals for a taste of New England's finest craft brews – your ultimate guide to Maine's beer scene!

Discover Top Maine Breweries, Beer Tours & Festivals

Imagine strolling through the cobblestone streets of Portland, Maine, with a crisp ocean breeze on your face and the anticipation of discovering some top-notch brews. That’s exactly what you’re in for when you dive into Top Maine Breweries Beer Tours and beer festivals. This guide is your golden ticket to exploring an unparalleled craft beer scene that beckons enthusiasts from all corners.

Maine’s breweries are like lighthouses guiding thirsty travelers—each one offering a beacon of unique flavors and experiences. By reading further, you’ll get insider tips on where to find those can’t-miss pours at Allagash Brewing Company or how Rising Tide Brewing Company blends innovation with tradition.

You won’t just learn about hops and malts; we’re talking scenic views along Southern Coast hotspots like Tributary Brewing Company, Midcoast gems such as Rock Harbor Brewing Co., and Bar Harbor’s own Atlantic Brewing Company. Plus, discover how the Maine Brewers’ Guild turns every sip into a celebration at their not-to-be-missed events. It’s more than just tasting beer; it’s an experience that showcases the best of Maine’s craft brewery scene.

flight of Maine beers


Exploring Portland’s Prolific Brewery Scene

Discover why Portland, Maine boasts the highest rate of breweries per capita in the nation and what makes its microbreweries a must-visit for beer lovers.

Allagash Brewing Company – A Flagship of Maine Craft Beer

Known for Belgian-inspired beers and a commitment to quality, Allagash Brewing Company is a flagship of Maine craft beer. Their tasting room offers an authentic experience, capturing both innovation and tradition.

Rising Tide Brewing Company – Innovation Meets Tradition

Offers a diverse range of handcrafted beers in Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood. Joining their ranks on Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood is Rising Tide Brewing Company. It brings together time-honored brewing methods with modern twists to create something truly innovative within Portland’s vibrant brewery tour scene.

Maine brew lovers know there’s always something new to discover here. Whether you’re looking for bold IPAs or smooth stouts, these spots showcase why visiting Portland should be on every beer lover’s map.

Allagash Brewing Company in Portland Maine

The Southern Coast’s Brewing Hotspots

Picture the Southern Coast of Maine: rugged cliffs, salty sea breezes, and a burgeoning scene that’s as refreshing as the Atlantic itself. Kittery’s Tributary Brewing Company is where innovation flows like their ever-changing craft beers – it’s quality in a pint glass.

In Kennebunkport, Shipyard Brew & Pub anchors itself firmly in maritime tradition. Their handcrafted ales are more than just drinks; they’re tributes to Maine’s seafaring history with every sip evoking tales of sails and saltwater.

Taste-testers unite along this coast, finding Tributary and SoME among others pouring pride into every bottle and brew kettle. With these spots on your must-visit list, you’ll soon understand why Southern Coast Maine has become synonymous with exceptional beer.

Midcoast Maine’s Hidden Brewery Gems

Tucked away in Midcoast Maine, Rock Harbor Brewing Co. pours the essence of Rockland into every glass. With their robust selection of craft beers, they’ve become a beacon for those seeking bold flavors and an authentic local experience.

Maine beer aging in barrels

Rock Harbor Brewing Co. – Rockland’s Craft Beer Destination

This brewery isn’t just about beer; it’s about community. At Rock Harbor, visitors can taste the dedication to craftsmanship that is steeped in Maine’s traditions. The coastal town vibes blend perfectly with each brew, offering more than just a drink but a true taste of Midcoast culture.

In Lincolnville lies another treasure—Andy’s Brew Pub at Lincolnville Beach. It stands as a testament to homegrown mastery in ale-making paired with captivating seaside views.


Andy’s Brew Pub – Lincolnville’s Homegrown Ales

The charm of Andy’s goes beyond its scenic location; it captures the heart through its unique concoctions and homely atmosphere where everyone feels like family. Here you’ll find more than refreshment—you’ll discover stories poured into every pint crafted from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.


flight of beers at Atlantic Brewing Company

Bar Harbor’s Award-Winning Atlantic Brewing Company

If you’re a fan of craft beer with a taste for adventure, Bar Harbor’s Atlantic Brewing Company is your kind of place. Nestled in the stunning landscapes that inspire its brews, this brewery has made waves with unique offerings like Thunder Hole Ale and Cadillac Mountain Stout. It’s not just about the scenic views—each beer tells a story of Bar Harbor’s natural beauty.

Their lineup doesn’t stop at award-winning staples; they also serve up experimental batches that keep locals and visitors coming back for more. When you step into their tasting room, it feels like both an exploration of flavor and an homage to Maine’s rugged coastlines and misty mountains.

Sipping on these handcrafted beers offers more than just refreshment—it connects you to the heart of one Maine town known for its boundless creativity in brewing. And let me tell you, there’s something special about enjoying a cold one where the highest standards meet coastal charm.


Celebrating Craft with Maine Brewers’ Guild Festivals

Maine’s craft beer scene comes alive at the festivals hosted by the Maine Brewers’ Guild. These events are a showcase of creativity and community, featuring brewers from across the Pine Tree State. Imagine sampling new flavors in a vibrant atmosphere where each pint tells a story of local tradition and innovation.

The guild’s dedication to promoting these liquid artisans sees multiple gatherings throughout the year, ensuring that every season offers an opportunity to toast Maine’s finest brews. With such occasions on your calendar, you’re not just visiting breweries; you’re immersing yourself in an essential part of Maine culture.

From Portland to Bar Harbor, guild events bring together aficionados and casual sippers alike. Each festival is unique, but expect anything from bold IPAs brewed on urban farms to smooth stouts born in coastal hideaways—all proof why Maine holds one of the highest numbers of breweries per capita nationwide.

Flight of Maine beers

Embark on The Digital Maine Beer Trail Adventure

Maine’s love affair with craft beer is as deep and frothy as a freshly poured pint of ale. With the Maine Beer Trail, you’re not just visiting breweries; you’re embarking on an adventure that stitches together the rich tapestry of Maine’s brewing excellence. What started with 25 pioneering brewers has now swelled to over 100 stops, each offering unique flavors and experiences.

The trail isn’t merely about collecting stamps or filling your passport; it’s a digital quest rewarding explorers who’ve sipped their way through some of the highest number of beer brewed in any state. Navigate from Portland to Bar Harbor, from urban farm fermentories to picturesque pine forests echoing with laughter and clinking glasses.

Complete sections at your own pace, gathering rewards along the way—practical souvenirs like hats and t-shirts but also memories packed full of hops and happiness. Visit The Maine Beer Trail online, where planning your journey becomes part of the fun, leading you toward milestones marked by prize packs brimming with brewer’s pride.


FAQs in Relation to Top Maine Breweries Beer Tours and Beer Festivals


What is the most popular beer in Maine?

Allagash White takes top honors, known for its refreshing twist on Belgian-style wheat beers.

What state is number 1 in craft beer?

California leads the pack with sheer numbers and an innovative craft beer scene.

Where is the craft beer capital of America?

You’ll find Portland, Oregon at the forefront, boasting a dense population of esteemed microbreweries.

How many breweries are there in Maine?

Maine proudly hosts over 150 breweries crafting unique local flavors across the state.



So, you’ve explored the heart of Portland’s bustling brewery scene and discovered why it’s a paradise for beer buffs. From Allagash Brewing Company to Rising Tide Brewing Company, each spot serves up unique flavors that make Top Maine Breweries Beer Tours and beer festivals an unforgettable journey.

Dive into the Southern Coast where Tributary Brewing merges innovation with quality sips or unwind at Shipyard Brew & Pub against a maritime backdrop. These coastal gems pair scenic beauty with top-tier brews.

Trek through Midcoast Maine for those hidden treasures like Rock Harbor Brewing Co., where local culture shines in every pint. Don’t miss Bar Harbor’s Atlantic Brewing Company, known for its standout Thunder Hole Ale.

Wrap up your adventure by joining fellow enthusiasts on The Digital Maine Beer Trail Adventure. Celebrate craft excellence at events hosted by the Brewers’ Guild. Remember this: Every stop uncovers more than just hops; it reveals stories woven into Maine’s rich brewing tapestry.

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